2016: Page 173

Page 173 began as a continuation of the previous day’s power outage.  I woke up around 2 AM to the sounds of various appliances restarting, signifying that the electric power had been restored.  Once I was awake, sleep seemed to evade me so I spent the early morning hours writing yesterday’s page.  When I had it written and published, I went to bed and got a few hours of sleep before heading into work this morning.  With Vacation Bible School at church this week, I began the day checking bathrooms, flushing toilets, and freshening things up.  My morning was spent taking care of some of the record-keeping and correspondence for the church’s missions ministry.  With yesterday’s power fluctuations at the church building, some of the A/C controls were still cycling through a reset, so I spent time checking on each of them to make sure they would be running for tonight’s VBS session.  By the end of the workday, my lack of sleep last night was catching up with me so I headed home with rest and relaxation on my mind.  

I did rest for a little while and then while MJ went to church for VBS, I put some chicken on the pellet grill then Susan and I headed to Mishawaka and spent some time walking the riverwalk while the chicken cooked.  It was a beautiful evening for a walk and plenty of photo opportunities throughout our stroll.  One of the evening’s photos was of a lily that as I framed it up in my viewfinder, made me think of a title, “What was, what is, and what is to come.”  The lily stem contains a dead blossom that was, a current blossom that is, and some buds that are blossoms yet to come.  While the photo made me think of the description of Jesus who was and who is and who is to come, it also made me think of my relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  My relationship with God was in existence as part of His creation from the time I was born.  My relationship with God is growing now because of the redeeming work of Christ.  My relationship with God is to come when I arrive home and dwell in His presence for eternity.

I pray that you and I would not only value where our relationship with God currently stands, but we would look forward to that relationship growing as we mature in Christ.  I pray that we would help others grow in their relationship with God as we represent Jesus Christ in everything we do.  I pray that we would make the most of our current situations even as we anticipate a glorious future as we approach the day of Christ’s return.


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