What Have You Witnessed?

This week’s segment in our “View From The Top:  What Does God Say . . . About Me?” series will look at “God Says I Am a Witness”.  You can see our daily scripture texts and questions over at www.deerrunchurch.wordpress.com.

I had the opportunity and privilege to preach at Deer Run’s Sunday evening chapel service tonight as we opened this subject of being a witness.  The preparation for this message made me stop and think about specific things I have witnessed God do — you know, if I am His witness, what have I witnessed and how am I doing at sharing that?

How about you?  What have you witnessed God do in your life?  What have you seen Him do that would be good for your neighbor, co-worker, classmate, friend, family member to know?

I have many, but here is one I shared with the group tonight during my message:

“Sometime around 18 years ago, I was helping my dad and brother on the farm during harvest time.  We were harvesting ear corn and running it up an elevator into a crib in the barn.  The elevator was powered by a pto shaft off a mid-sized Kubota tractor.  I had the “runner” role.  I was driving a tractor and gravity wagon to the field where I would pick up a full wagon and bring it to the barn to unload, then take the empty back for another full one.  On one such trip, I was unloading the corn and not paying a lot of attention to the work at hand.  The next thing I know, I am waking up lying on the ground.  (I tend to pass out in times of pain, stress, blood, etc.)  The tractor is off and my pant leg is caught around the pto shaft.  I unwrap my pant leg and hobble to the house where I take my boot off and find that I have some scrapes and soreness, but nothing broken. 
So, what did I witness God do in all of this?  Well, who do you think turned the tractor off?  I know the power of the tractor and have read of far too many similar accidents where a person was seriously injured, lost a limb, or even lost their life, to believe that it just stopped on its own.  The tractor started right up when we went back to it and ran continuously after that, just as it had before.  I know I’m strong 🙂 . . . but not that strong.  Nothing will ever convince me that this was some sort of coincidence or freak luckI witnessed God at work, intervening and shutting down the tractor so that I would be drawn closer to Him and accomplish the work He created me to do.”

How about you?  Do you have real, tangible things that you have witnessed God do in your life that He wants to use to make Himself known to others?

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