2016: Page 176

I guess the storms this week have messed with my sleep patterns as I was up earlier this morning than I had planned to be.  The workday part of page 176 began with cleaning bathrooms and taking out trash as part of the freshening up the building from last night’s VBS session and preparing it for tonight’s.  Between the weather and taking a day to pray at the camp each week, I was not able to split the mowing into two partial days this week so I was out early for a day full of mowing.  Even when it doesn’t look like the grass has grown much, a freshly mown lawn has a nice look to it.  By keeping at it, with an occasional Dr Pepper break, I was able to get the entire property mowed by mid-afternoon which meant it was time to call it a day and get some lunch.  

After I finished lunch, I went home and then Susan and I headed to the riverwalk to do some walking and take some pictures.  As I look back, it is funny how God connected some of my thoughts while walking with the results of a photo I took along the way — but I didn’t realize it until I got home and began looking at the photos.  Anyhow, we’ll get back to that later in the page. 🙂  As we walk, I’m pushing Susan in a wheelchair and periodically I’ll hear a bell or horn being sounded by a bicycle rider.  Some of them are simply a courtesy to let us know they are approaching  and will be coming around us.  Others act like they are more of a warning, sometimes followed by a vocal call to “make way”, as if the sidewalk belongs to them and I need to run Susan off of the sidewalk so they don’t have to slow down and show any consideration for other users of the park.  Granted, coming from behind they may not notice I am pushing a wheelchair, but that really shouldn’t matter as I have as much right to be there as they do.  Just something that bugs me, I guess.  

Part of the riverwalk runs between the river and a road that has several stop signs along it.  You can probably make a pretty close guess as to how many cars stop at those stop signs — very few.  Something else that bugs me, I guess.  While my mind was thinking about that, I realized that I have a tendency to let a lot of things bug me.  And most of them, like ringing bells on bicycles and cars rolling through stop signs, I can do nothing about.  Somehow I think there is an application I need to apply that is found in the midst of the teaching of Jesus not to worry about tomorrow for each day has enough trouble of its own.  Perhaps my application paraphrase should say, “Don’t be bugged by things which you have no control over for there are enough things that you can do something about that you should be bugged over.”  Reminded me of a saying that one of the ladies would often say during a prayer journey in Ireland I participated in years ago: “If I was in charge I might be worried about that.  But since I’m not, I’m not.”  It is difficult for me to not worry, or not be bugged, about things that I know aren’t right even if I know I’m not in a position to do anything about it.  

And now the “fun” part.  I didn’t take a lot of pictures during the walk today but did get a few of some of the flowers blooming and a couple ducks.  I did find the ducks funny as they were playing in the water and I was reminded of the phrase, “Like water off a duck’s back.”  I guess that was reminder number one not to be so bugged by things that are not my concern.  But even more remarkable to me was what I saw when I got home and began going through the pictures I had taken.  Perhaps you’re ahead of me and have already noticed what’s in the picture on today’s page.  If not, look at the center of today’s photo and you will see a “bug” on the lily blossom I photographed!  I was using a long telephoto lens so I was zoomed in from maybe 30 feet or more away and in the small viewfinder of my camera saw nothing but the beauty of the lily.  I think God was trying to remind me that sometimes things bug me for a purpose and sometimes they are a distraction.  It is imperative that I learn through time spent with God in prayer and His Word what response, or lack of response, is appropriate for each thing that tries to bug me.

I pray that you and I would continually grow in our understanding of the responsibilities God has given us.  I pray that we would be diligent about taking care of the things that are ours to deal with and that we would be just as diligent about not being bugged by the things that are not ours to deal with.  I pray that we would pay attention to the lessons God puts before us each day that we live.


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