2016: Page 177

Page 177 was a summer Saturday which meant a daddy/daughter trip to the zoo was on the schedule.  I began the day by writing and sending out an email newsletter for the prayer ministry.  When I finished that, I went to check on Susan and she was ready to get up, get breakfast, and head to the zoo.  She had just finished her breakfast when a seizure grabbed hold of her so I sat with her as she fought her way out of its grasp.  Once the seizure was gone, she curled up on the couch to rest so I figured she would probably sleep it off for most of the morning.  However, she wasn’t resting for very long until she sat up and said she wanted to go to the zoo.  So to the zoo we went to see her animal friends and take a few pictures. 

One of those pictures was a sprawled out prairie dog which made it into the post of today’s page.  As I think about the day, this picture seems fitting.  Some days just feel like you’re stretched thin, sprawled out, and reaching toward what’s ahead with little to no success.  I’m writing today’s page from the office at work as I take a break from cleaning and monitoring the A/C units which are still not wanting to run without a little coaxing to get them started.  As I brought up the administrative panel of my websites in order to write this page, I realized I hadn’t scheduled next week’s prayer guide to go out tomorrow morning so I’ll need to do that yet tonight also.  I’m beginning to notice that seizure days always get me down and I’m not even the one having the seizure.  I think perhaps the adrenaline rush of trying to protect and care for my daughter through such a difficult time triggers stress-induced things in my brain that are not conducive to a good mental outlook.  On these days especially, I either turn my gaze inward and lose hope or turn my gaze upward and gain hope.

I have a lot yet to do tonight as I’m feeling sprawled out and stretched thin, so I think this page may be a bit shorter than most. 🙂  I pray that you and I would continually cast our cares on the Lord and turn to Him for spiritual and physical refreshing.  I pray that we would keep our focus on that which is of eternal value as we stretch toward the prize that lies before us.  I pray that we would continue to do good and not lose heart, knowing that the reward we seek is being stored up in heaven for us.


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