2016: Page 167

Page 167 began with cool temperatures and rain but by early afternoon there was no trace of either.  I headed to work early this morning with a light rain falling and a question in my mind as to the wisdom of wearing shorts.  By the time I had checked on the floors I put finish on yesterday and put away some of the fans and things I had out from my floor drying, the rain had stopped and the temperature had begun to rise.  After a quick look at the weather radar revealed that the rain had indeed moved through, I finished up what I needed to do at the building then headed up to camp to spend time praying for the camp session going on as well as the upcoming sessions.

When I arrived at camp I began my prayer time with a perimeter prayer walk of the property — or at least as much of a perimeter as existing paths would allow. 🙂  The grass was still wet and as I walked the paths through the woods, water droplets danced on the tree leaves and a hazy mist rose from the woodland floor to meet the sun.  After two miles of prayer walking which covered the perimeter and a few zig-zags across the center, I spent time sitting in a few locations praying about the activities that would take place in those areas throughout the summer.  When I had checked in to the camp office to begin my prayer walk, I was invited to stay for lunch with the promise that it included a “blizzard bar”.  As it was nearing lunch time, I headed to the kitchen to see if they needed help serving for the day and found myself assigned to helping serve the ice cream and toppings — talk about putting the fox in charge of the hen house! 🙂  But I was good and served all the campers and everyone else wanting some before I served myself.  After lunch I began another perimeter prayer walk under a beautiful blue sky with the puffy white “sky texture” clouds.  The temperature had also risen, and with it the humidity, which made the second round a little less comfortable but made for some beautiful photos.  Photography has become a tool that I use during my prayer times — particularly during prayer walks.  I shared some of today’s photos, and some prayer notes on each of them, at https://www.facebook.com/tomlemlerphotography/ which is my Facebook photography page.  After completing the second prayer walk and spending time praying in some additional areas of the camp, it was time to call it a day and head home.  

As I think about the day, I look back and recognize some of God’s work in helping this day to happen.  I doubt that I even know all the dots, but it is fun to connect the ones that I’m aware of.  It was during an intense time of prayer two and a half years ago, focused on some issues surrounding my departure from the camp staff, that God put the first of what ended up being many poems in my mind.  In a short three-month time span, those poems became a poetic devotional book which began a season of writing in my life that continues to this day.  After my first two books were published, I was reminded of a list of scripture references I had been given quite some time before the writing even began.  This list was given to me with the suggestion I “do something with it”.  The subject matter of each reference had to do with who we are in Christ.  Now that I was in writing mode, that list became the seeds for my first 31-day devotional journal, “In Christ Alone”.  My proofreader stated that the devotions in this book were exactly what she had always wanted camp week devotions to be.  With that thought in mind, I made arrangements to set up a display at the Christian Camp Leaders Conference this past January where I was able to make copies of my books available to camp leaders from around the country — including camp leaders I had formerly worked for and with.  Not only did I have a display set up, but I attended the conference sessions as well.  It was through the main session messages that I felt convicted to pursue God in prayer regarding my need for healing and restoration.  Over the next couple of months I prayed about what the next step would be and eventually arranged a meeting with the camp director that went well.  When the camp had its annual prayer breakfast last week, I knew it was time to return and pray.  That time of prayer on the camp property last week led to a decision/knowledge that I needed to overcome the emotional block that has kept me away and return on a regular basis to pray.  So, long story short, today’s prayer time began with a poem that was put in my mind back in December of 2013!

I pray that you and I would always pay attention to the prayer reminders that God continually surrounds us with.  I pray that we would understand that some parts of our story takes longer to unfold than other parts.  I pray that we would constantly seek God, even and especially during times of discouragement, heartache, and confusion.  I pray that we would obediently take each step that God puts before us, trusting that He has them ordered in such a way that they take us to where He wants us to be.  


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