2016: Page 312

Page 312 was a Monday which meant I was up early and headed into work to get the cleaning and building prep done before the start of the school day.  In addition to the usual morning tasks, I spent some time with the heating and cooling system as it tends to get confused easily with the weather we’ve been having where it is cold in the mornings and warm in the afternoons.  Once the building was cleaned and I had made what adjustments I could to the HVAC system, it was time to seek God for direction in putting next week’s prayer guide together.  For some reason, the prayer guide topic was a struggle to come up with this week.  Often times that indicates a difficulty in focusing and listening on my part, but that didn’t seem to be the case today.  In fact, my time with God brought to mind some direction for a sermon I’ll share later this month.  Eventually the prayer guide topic and daily prayer points came together and flowed out of my prayer time and into print ready to be sent out for next week.

The prayer guide that came together for next week will focus on acceptable things according to God’s standards.  We have a tendency to use a lot of different standards when it comes to deciding what is or isn’t acceptable, but as children of God we ought to allow God’s standards to determine what is acceptable to us.  When God talks about something being acceptable to Him, He is not talking about it simply being good enough to get by.  No, His idea of acceptable means that it lives up to the highest of standards in all ways and reflects His glory in all things.

Once the next prayer guide was finished, I did some follow-up related to the teaching I did over the weekend and worked on some details for the Impact Prayer Ministry display I will have at the International Conference on Missions next week.  With an early start to the day, by mid-afternoon my workday was over and I stopped for a late lunch on the way home.  Later in the afternoon I started up the pellet grill and put on some chicken to cook while we headed down to Potato Creek for an evening family walk to take advantage of the beautiful fall weather that has continued into November.  Today’s photo was taken as we began our walk and headed down one of the trails with the sun shining brightly through the trees.  As the sun continued to drop into the western horizon, the shadows lengthened across the trails.  I thought about how easy it is for us to let God’s light move to a position in our lives where it is no longer in the center.  The further we allow the light of God to move away from the center of our life, the longer the darkness of the shadows grows.  Our goal as children of God ought to be to constantly live in the light of God in such a way that there is no room for shadows to creep in and take over.

I pray that you and I would remain steadfast in seeking God, especially when we have difficulty in hearing His voice.  I pray that we would know the goodness of God as He illuminates our life with His wisdom and guidance.  I pray that we would seek to know what is acceptable to God and then live in a way that honors Him.  

Potato Creek 010.jpg

2 thoughts on “2016: Page 312

    • Thank you! At the end of last year I was challenged to see each day of the year as an unwritten page. As I thought about that, I decided to try to actually write each page as the year went along. I enjoy photography as well so it was in the first couple weeks of the process that it turned into a page-and-photo-a-day adventure. 🙂 I’m glad that you enjoyed this page.

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