2016: Page 112

Page 112 has been an indoors kind of day.  When I went in to work, it was dark and raining lightly.  As I finished up the morning cleaning daylight had arrived as much as it could through the heavy cloud cover.  As I took the trash out in this overcast dawn, two deer were grazing at the top of the hill behind the building.  I grabbed my camera and searched for a setting that would work in the low-light haze of the drizzly morning.  The beauty of digital photography and patient deer is that I was able to play with the settings and get about half of the pictures taken to turn out like I wanted.  

As the school day began, I put on my IT hat and helped a teacher with some computer issues she was having.  Susan had a seizure to start her day so the off and on rain which kept me in the building ended up being a good thing as I could keep an eye and ear on her while I did some writing.  I was able to put together and send out the monthly Impact Prayer Ministry newsletter as well as continue work on the devotional series I am writing.  By late afternoon as I grabbed a late lunch on my way home, it appeared that the clouds were breaking up and the sun was trying to make an appearance in time for an early evening walk.  I laid down on the couch to rest a bit before going out to walk and when I woke up not only did the clock say an hour had past but it was raining outside — I guess rest was more important than the walk today.  

One of my favorite photos of the deer this morning was of one of them as she was looking at me through the swing set.  My first few attempts at photographing this didn’t turn out well — at least not like I was wanting it to.  But rather than give up, I kept adjusting settings and focus points until I got a picture I was satisfied with.  I’m afraid that we often don’t have the same persistence when it comes to doing the things God has called us to.  How often do we attempt something because we are convicted by God’s Word of our need to do so only to give up when our first attempt doesn’t turn out the way we had hoped it would?  Yes, when our attempts at something fails we do need to carefully evaluate just whose plans they were to begin with, but sometimes the problem isn’t with the plan itself but with our needing to learn how to approach it most effectively.  Very few preachers would preach more than one sermon if they gave up after the first one that didn’t accomplish what they had hoped it would.  Few children’s classes would be taught if every teacher quit after the first lesson they felt didn’t go over like it should have.  God has called us to grow in our relationship with Him because growth means learning and gaining understanding not only from our success, but perhaps even more from our failures.  When things don’t turn out like we had hoped, we go back to God and listen more intently for His instruction and we take care to follow it.  Sometimes He calls us to make adjustments and changes.  Other times He calls us to just remain faithful in doing what we’re doing as we learn to trust Him for results we can’t yet see — and results we may never see.

I pray that you and I would continually grow in our relationship with Christ.  I pray that we would grow in our practice of doing the good works God has created for us to do.  I pray that we would keep seeking God when things don’t turn out as we expected.  I pray that we would not let our definition of failure keep us from doing what God has called us to do.  I pray that we would not become weary in doing good, knowing that in due time we will reap a harvest..   


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