2016: Page 111

If there was any doubt, page 111 was proof that spring has replaced winter for the time being.  With the possibility of rain in the forecast, I took care of the morning cleaning and building prep early so I could start mowing when the sun came up.  I’m one that puts off the first mowing of the season as long as I can because once the lawn is mowed in the spring it becomes a regular task until late fall.  My ideal target is to not have to mow until May but with the recent warm temperatures I knew it would need attention well before then.  I actually enjoy mowing so I’m not real sure why I make any attempt to delay the mowing season.  For me, it is very relaxing to be sitting on the mower seat with the sound of the engine behind me and the beauty of creation around me.  There is also a special beauty to be found in a freshly mowed lawn.

With plenty of lawn to mow and the enjoyment of doing so, I found myself working through lunch and into the late afternoon hours.  While it would have been easy to keep going even after I discovered how late it was, I continue to work on taking time each day for my family to spend together.  After putting the mower away and finishing up work for the day, I went home and had a Klondike bar for lunch then headed to the riverwalk in Mishawaka with my family for a relaxing time taking photos and getting some exercise.  We made it to the river around 5 PM and as we began our walk we went past a lady that looked familiar to me.  My first guess was that she looked like the professor I had for most of my writing classes at IUSB.  As we made it about halfway around the first small loop of our walk, our paths crossed again and as we said hello I asked her if she had taught writing at IUSB.  Sure enough, that is why she looked familiar.  We chatted a bit and she asked what I was doing so I was happy to tell her that I was putting what I had learned through her teaching into practice, having written a half dozen books so far.  It was good to be able to thank her for her work and service as I know teaching can often be a thankless job.

The lessons today were many but the value of family and gratitude were the two that stood out from the others.  Throughout our walk tonight we saw many geese with their young families.  Whenever we would see the young goslings, the adults would be nearby keeping a protective eye on them.  We saw them swimming together, eating together, walking together, and even resting together.  One of my favorite sights was a group of goslings all huddled together with their mom resting between them and the open water.  The evening breeze had picked up and there was a coolness to the air that seemed to cause these young geese to huddle together for warmth.

How do we do at huddling together in our families to warm, comfort, and protect each other?  Do we value the families God has given us even more than we value our jobs, our recreational activities, or anything else other than God?  Do we live with gratitude that we express to those who have helped us learn and grow?

I pray that you and I would find ways to spend time together with our families in ways that are enjoyable to all.  I pray that we give a similar value to the church family that God has put us in.  I pray that we have the courage to thank those who have helped us get to where we are in life.


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