2016: Page 113

With a long awaited trip north on our family schedule, page 113 began extra early today.  I did the normal daily cleaning then did the hallways with the floor scrubber before taking out the trash.  I needed to finish mowing some of the areas that are difficult to do without disturbing people while school is in session, so I had the mower going in the early hours of dawn before the sun had fully risen for the day.  After the mowing was done, I spent some time in the office doing some more writing and then once preschool was out for the week I cleaned the glass entry doors and made sure the bathrooms were still in decent shape.  By 1 in the afternoon I had already put in a full day of work and I headed home to throw some things in a bag in preparation for a quick family trip to northern Michigan do photograph some lighthouses we haven’t gotten to yet.

We arrived in Frankfort, Michigan around 6:30 PM and checked in to our room which has a patio door and deck with a view of Lake Michigan and the lighthouse.  We threw our stuff in the room and headed to the beach to take some pictures.  With plenty of daylight left before sunset, we headed north a few miles to photograph another nearby lighthouse.  At that location, the beach area was covered with an assortment of stones of various sizes but all worn smooth by the constant action of the sand and waves against them.  When we returned to Frankfort, the sun was beginning to set so we spent some time taking sunset and lighthouse photos until the sun dropped below the horizon.  Dinner was some Subway sandwiches we picked up and brought back to the room.  While we took some after-dark photos of the lighthouse from our deck, Susan had a seizure which pretty much finished her day.

Sometimes life and the schedule we keep seems rough — perhaps even abrasive at times.  The waves of life crash against us and we don’t like the turbulence we experience.  When we are in the midst of it, it is often unpleasant and rarely makes sense.  It is not until time passes and someone notices how “smooth” we have become that we realize the work God has been doing in our life through the storms.  Little by little, God uses the sand and waves of life to smooth out our rough edges and polish our spirit until it begins to reflect Him more clearly.  As He smooths out our life, we become more attractive to the people around us — but it’s not actually us, it is Christ in us that becomes more visible.

I pray that  you and I would grow in our appreciation of the work God does to smooth out our rough edges.  I pray that we would understand this shaping is a work in progress not only in our lives, but in the lives of those around us.  I pray that we would desire that God works on our life in ways that makes Him more visible to the people around us.


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