2016: Page 88

Following a busy weekend, page 88 was a return to a “normal” routine — at least as much as possible.  The day began by cleaning bathrooms and floors then eventually moved into time with God putting together the prayer guide for next week.  I believe the events remembered and celebrated throughout the Easter weekend were still heavy on my mind as I settled on a topic for next week of “Examine”.  Throughout scripture we read of people who  understood that their life was an open book before God and His examination of their heart was always accurate and just.  Some were examined by God and declared to have a righteousness through faith.  Others were examined and found wanting.  God calls us to continually examine ourselves according to His Word so that we would understand our only hope of being declared righteous is to be found in Christ.  

As I was working on the prayer guide, I got a call that the parts had arrived to replace a leaking heating system component that has been down for a couple of weeks.  The leak had been present to one degree or another all winter but had been impossible to track down until a few weeks ago when it became steady enough that caused a puddle on the floor underneath it and when I lifted the ceiling tiles I could see the steady drip of water.  I had our heating and air contractor working on it but I needed to be at the building throughout the day to access the system controls and provide the service tech the access needed.  It was a cool, rainy day so I used my extra “building time” to continue work on some of my writing projects.

As I worked throughout the day, I would hear the call of a blue jay and occasionally catch a glimpse of it darting from one tree to another.  By the time I would get my camera out and try to get a picture, it would move into the underbrush where it would stay hidden for a time.  I eventually caught it perched behind some light brush and managed to take a picture before it once again flew off.  It seems that there are two primary keys to my taking bird photos that I like.  One key element is to always be ready.  To not only have a camera with me, but to have it out of the bag and nearby where I can grab it quickly.  The other key is to examine everything.  I often wonder when I’m out hiking just how many people walk by the eagles and osprey without even noticing they are perched nearby.  Many of my best shots are the result of closely examining the source of a sound that catches my ear or a movement that catches my eye.  

As I thought about all of these events from the day, I noticed a thread of examination woven throughout each.  The prayer guide had an obvious thread of examination throughout it as that is its focus.  The heating system leak involved a repeated process of examination to eventually discover the source of the leak and know where the repair work was needed.  My blue jay photo was the result of examining the source of the sound and movement that caught my attention throughout the day.  All of this made me wonder if I pay enough attention to the spiritual examination that is constantly needed in my life.  Am I seeking God’s examination, and the results of it, to shape my daily walk?  Do I pay close attention to the sounds and movement of God’s Spirit in my life so that I can accurately examine the lessons God wants me to learn?

I pray that you and I would welcome God’s examination of us and that we would accurately examine ourselves as necessary.  I pray that we would notice the gentle nudging of God’s Spirit that seeks to get our attention focused on His will for us.  


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