2016: Page 87

Page 87 was Resurrection Sunday and it finished off a great Easter weekend.  The morning was spent at the church building in worship and celebration of Jesus.  Our Sunday School class has been examining God’s view of wisdom as we go through the book of Proverbs.  The warnings given about the enticement of evil and the allure of sin is just as applicable today as when it was written thousands of years ago.  It is in the context of seeking God’s goodness and truth that the resurrection of Jesus makes the most sense.  While the resurrection of Jesus was a great work of God, I believe that an even greater work was accomplished through that event as it allows for a resurrection of your life and mine.  The Bible makes it clear that those who have died to sin and have been buried with Christ can have the confidence of being raised with Christ through the power of the resurrection.

Following the church service, we drove down to Subway to see if it was open for lunch.  While it would have been convenient to grab a sandwich (and cookie) for lunch, I was pleased to see it was closed for Easter Sunday.  We had prepared for the likelihood that Sunday dinner would be at home, so I went home and fired up the wood pellet grill to cook some chicken tenderloins.  There is something special about the smoky sweet taste of food prepared on the pellet grill with a maple mesquite seasoning.  After dinner we took advantage of the warm weather to do some hiking and photo taking at Potato Creek State Park again.  With being able to get from our front door to the park in under 15 minutes, it has become our go-t0 waist management walking place.  Susan’s all-terrain wheelchair has been a great blessing in allowing us to enjoy the trails as a family again.  Even though it rolls along the trails very well, it is still an extra workout for me to push it.

As we prepared to begin our hike, one of the eagles glided to a landing in the tree next to where we were standing.  He stayed around long enough for us to get a few photos then took off to have some conversations about air space rights with a few gulls and osprey.  Even thought it had only been a couple of days since we were last out, the changes in the spring growth along the trails was obvious.  More of the spring flower plants have come up through the ground and there was more in bloom to serve as reminders that spring is definitely here.  I love the early spring flowers because they serve as good reminders of living a resurrected life.  So much of the woodland floor is covered with the brown of dead leaves and fallen twigs, yet out of that appearance of no life comes the flowering plants and blossoms of spring!  

So often, we look at our circumstances or the situations that others find themselves in and we conclude that there is no hope.  All we see is dry, lifeless surroundings so we lose sight of the power of God that resides within us through His Spirit.  God wants us to live a resurrected life now, not just when life on earth is over and He calls us home.  We need to allow His spirit to push through the barrenness of our flesh so that His beauty can be seen.

I pray that you and I would celebrate the resurrection of Jesus each day that we live on earth, and then celebrate it with Him throughout eternity.  I pray that we would not miss the reminders of the power of the resurrection that God surrounds us with each day.  I pray that we would live a resurrected life in such a way that Christ is seen in us and through us by all we interact with.


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