2016: Page 78

Page 78 is another Friday which means a long day no matter how you measure it.  I still get asked often how I find time to go to the parks and lake shore to take all the photographs I share.  This week, and today in particular, is a good example of how that happens.  Mostly it is about priority of the hours that are in a day with my preference to spend non-working time hiking and taking photographs rather than sitting around watching television or involved in some other form of entertainment.  I usually start work sometime between 6 and 6:30 AM and try to leave the building sometime between 2 and 3 in the afternoon.  Today I got to work a little late — it was 7 AM.  I took care of the cleaning and maintenance tasks that needed done through out the day, as well as worked on some writing projects that are currently underway.  I managed to make it out of the building a little before 3 to get some lunch and drive down to Potato Creek State Park where I spent about an hour hiking and taking pictures.  Fridays I usually get the building ready for the weekend once most people clear out, so I was back to the building by 5 PM to start the cleaning and prep work for the weekend.  In the middle of my cleaning, I’ll stop and write this page while the floor scrubber recharges.  By the time everything is said and done, I’m usually out of here by 10:30 or 11:00 PM on Fridays but even with such a long day, there was ample time to spend taking pictures as part of my worship of God.

I write all that not in a “pity party” spirit, but in hopes of helping you see that you may have more time to spend with God in the beauty of His creation than you think.  Many of the walks/hikes that I take are not much more than an hour or two and most people I know invest way more time that that in their favorite TV shows each day.  I realize I have an advantage of flexibility in start times that many don’t.  I can choose to begin my day at 6 in the morning so I have a block of daylight after work.  There have been times in the past when I’ve spent mornings out in the kayak and shift my work hours to afternoon and evening.  I simply make it a priority to figure out ways to spend time with God in nature.  It does help a great deal that my family also enjoys the great outdoors so we can take these hikes together so it often adds to family time instead of taking away from it.  Believe me, I know it is not easy because it is not easy for me either.  I struggle with balancing my time well but I’ve discovered that my time is much more productive if I make spending time with God a priority both at work and in my times of recreation and enjoyment.  

I pray that you and I would evaluate how we use the hours of the day that God gives us — we each are given the same amount each day.  I pray that we would not only make work a priority, but that we would make time spent doing the things we enjoy with the ones we love a priority as well.  I pray that God is central in each of those areas and all other areas of our life.

Today’s visit to the park included the beauty of the Osprey which have returned to Potato Creek and the peacefulness of the white puffy clouds dotting the crystal blue sky.  


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