2016: Page 47

Page 46 ended at midnight as I left the building for the day after a board meeting and a late night of cleaning.  Page 47 began with a freezing drizzle as I headed home.  This made it appear as if my decision to work late wasn’t going to keep me from needing to go in early in the morning.  As I started to get dressed early this morning so I could go in to work and see if the sidewalks needed ice melt put down, my wonderful wife volunteered to go in early and check them so I could go back to sleep.  

My latest book came back from my proofreader yesterday, so after catching up on some sleep I made the needed corrections in the manuscript and sent the files off to the printer and Kindle publisher.  This next book is another 31-day devotional journal that focuses each day on something different the Bible says about the way we ought to choose, and use, our words.  As I finished up the details to get this book ready to go live on Amazon, I marveled at the writing journey God has been taking me on as this makes book six in just under two years time!  Even in the midst of times when it feels like I’m upside down or the world is upside down — or perhaps neither of us is right side up, God continues to use, and increase, the gifting He has placed in my life as I choose to share it.

As I was out hiking through the snow yesterday, this bird would keep catching my eye as it would grab the bottom side of the tree branches and walk around upside down as it fed off of whatever it was finding.  (And yes, the photo at the bottom of the page was taken with my feet on the ground and the camera in a normal upright position. 🙂 )  There have been many times when my world has seemed to be upside down and I’ve not always been sure why.  As I thought about this, I was reminded of the Psalm writer’s confidence that though the earth itself gives way or the mountains fall into the sea, God’s presence  would be a constant refuge and help.  God spoke through Isaiah and affirmed His commitment to an unfailing love for those who are His even if the world be turned upside down.

As I considered this bird and these scripture passages, I realized that when I focused on an upside down world my eyes were on the wrong thing.  God gives us these promises because He knows the things of this earth are not eternal.  He calls us to keep our eyes on Him rather than on the things that will eventually pass away.  When we do so, we find that He provides for us whether we are on the top side of the limb or hanging on for our life underneath.  I pray that you and I would always make the most of the opportunities that God gives us, regardless of the position we find ourselves in.  I pray that we would always keep our feet firmly planted on the foundation of God’s Word so that we can walk with confidence knowing that His foundation is the only true security that we can have. 


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