2016: Page 46

Earthdate: 20160215 — These are the ramblings of one traveler’s journey on earth as he makes his way toward a heavenly home.

Some days I pray more fervently than others that the return of Jesus would be sooner rather than later.  Today is one of those days.  With several inches of snow falling overnight, the day started early to get the snow cleared from the sidewalks and entryways before anyone arrived to pack it down.  I was able to get out of the building a couple times during the day, but here it is over 14 hours since I left home this morning and I’m writing this page at work following a board meeting.

Following the outside work and an investigation of what was going on with a door that I had been left a message about, I spent time with God putting together next week’s prayer guide.  That is probably one of my favorite parts of a week is the time I spend seeking God’s face for direction in choosing a topic to have people be praying about for a week.  Today God led me to the word “instruction”.  It seems that a lot of people like the idea of giving instructions for others to follow but we’re not very fond of taking instruction from others, or even from God.  After the prayer guide was complete, I decided to follow up on an email I received last week from Hope Ministries about some food items they were in need of.  While from my perspective I can’t do a lot, God does expect me to do what I can according to His provision.  After a trip to Sam’s Club and GFS, I had an assortment of things from their list to drop off along with a couple copies of my most recent book.

Once the food was delivered I stopped back by the office to get my list and measurements so I could pick up a few things to try to improve the function of a non-working door.  As I left for lunch, I decided to make a quick trip down to Potato Creek State Park for an afternoon hike in the snow.  It is always good to be out in the stillness of nature where I am surrounded by the creation of God and am more likely to pay attention to His presence.  I always hope to see a bald eagle or two while I’m down there and be able to get some good pictures of them, but was not able to find any of them today.  I did see a few birds darting among the trees and a large flock of geese sitting on the frozen lake but the thing that most caught my eye was a clump of frozen, snow covered, dead seed heads.  I think they caught my eye because today I feel like that.  I look at them and I know they had a purpose and perhaps they even have a future purpose, but it is difficult to imagine their current purpose . . . or is it?  With the absence of the eagles as subjects, these became the focus of some of my photography today.  I marveled at their texture, their durability, and their beauty.  I zoomed in on the intricacies of their creation and was able to worship God for His attention to detail.  I watched as some birds would perch on top of them and while not appearing to get any food from them, it gave them a vantage point to scout out nearby food sources.  The more I looked, the more I came to realize that they not only had a former purpose and likely have a future purpose, they also have a current purpose.

I pray that in the times of mental, physical, and/or spiritual fatigue that you and I face, we would live for the purpose God has created us for in the here and now.  I pray that when we see people who appear to us to have no use, that we would look more closely through the eyes of God to see the purpose not only that He has created them for, but also the purpose for which He has brought them into our life.


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