2017: Page 94

Page 94 began with a dark, cloudy sky and rain.  It was also another day to spend with my family looking for some places to enjoy the beauty of creation as we set out on another sightseeing adventure.  As we headed out in the morning, we were prepared to get wet but during our drive the clouds began to break apart with patches of blue sky showing through.  When we reached our first stop it was mostly sunny and warm.  The trail to the first of two waterfalls at this stop was paved, so Susan was able to ride in her wheelchair.  After taking some photos we headed up the trail to the next waterfall and the path became so rocky and rough that Susan asked to get out of the  chair and walk.  That was a good thing because it was becoming difficult to push the chair safely over the rugged terrain.  Fortunately, the trail was a loop and we didn’t have to come back this way.  Shortly after the second falls, the trail became smooth again and Susan was able to rest from her walking.

The day ended up being filled with a variety of driving and stops as we looked for waterfalls and other natural beauty to photograph.  I think my GPS is set to take us on the quickest path between two points, but I began to wonder if perhaps it doesn’t have a “most interesting route” setting that it somehow ended up on.  At times it would direct me down a narrow, alley-like roadway for a block or two only to end up back on the same road it directed me off of.  One of those times was funny as the car that had been behind me went by in front of me as the GPS had me rejoin my original road — not so sure that counts as the quickest. 🙂  Many of the roads it ended up taking us down had signs warning that they were “not suitable for large trucks”.  Some of them I wasn’t too sure were all that suitable for any vehicles but the drive along them was often as beautiful as the intended stops we made along the way.  And then there were other times when I would choose not to follow its instructions and head in the direction I wanted to go.  In those times it would constantly search for, and direct me toward, ways to get back on track.

At one of our stops the sign said there was a waterfall just a quarter mile up the trail.  Susan did such a good job walking to the falls and waiting patiently as we took photographs.  Halfway on our way back, however, she had a seizure so we stopped in the middle of the trail as she fought through that and was rested enough to continue.  It made me think about how often we have things in life that “seize” us yet sometimes we fail to continue on because we don’t make the effort to fight through them and get the proper rest needed to continue our journey.  We made a few more stops throughout the day, including one where today’s photo was taken.  This wasn’t at some out-of-the-way, obscure location but rather it was at a highway intersection where we stopped along the entry ramp to the interstate.  As we were driving, the sky gave all appearances of a beautiful sunset in the making but there were no clear views of the western sky.  We had driven past this intersection on our way to a park that ended up having some great views to photograph, but not views of the sunset.  So, on our way back to town for ice cream to finish up the day, we stopped along the highway and enjoyed the beauty of the setting sun.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • The weather in your life now may not be the weather you will experience all day.  Keep moving forward in your pursuit of God and allow Him to make beauty out of your circumstances.
  • When the going gets rough, sometimes you have to step out of your reliance on other people and rely fully on God.  We need the help of people, but there is a limit to what they can provide.
  • Yes, our destination of heaven and eternity with God is important, but they journey we take to get there is also important.
  • Sometimes the route of life I’m on doesn’t make sense to me.  In those times I have to first check to see if I’m on the path God has provided direction for.  If I am, then I need to trust Him and His directions.  If I’m not, then I need to listen to Him redirecting me back to the path I should follow.
  • Being seized by something along your journey doesn’t mean your journey has to end.  God is always there to comfort and encourage you until you are rested enough to continue — but you must choose to continue.
  • Sometimes the beauty of creation must be sought and discovered.  Other times God reveals it broadly and we only miss it because we’re not paying attention.


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