2016: Page 77

Page 77 began as a normal workday with the usual weekday tasks that needed done.  The morning included some maintenance tasks that required I dig through my memory, and my supply shelves, to track down some parts that I knew I had . . . somewhere.  After some thinking and looking, the missing parts appeared and I was able to complete the needed tasks.  The day also included ministry conversations that reminded me of the assurance I have in Christ.  An assurance that includes my pursuit of obedience to the things scripture teaches about becoming “in Christ”, but more importantly an assurance because of my faith in the faithfulness of God to forgive my sin through the blood of Jesus.  My obedience is necessary not because I can in any way earn favor with God, but because I have favor with God.

As the workday came to a close, my family and I grabbed a very late lunch and headed out to Bonneyville Mills park to take some pictures . . . and take a hike.  There was still a chill in the air, but the cloud and blue sky mix was perfect for photos.  It was nice to see people out walking the trails and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation.  Today was more about the walk and taking in the beauty than about photography.  I did take about 50 photos, but that didn’t seem like much compared to yesterday’s total of nearly 500. While at the park, I was captivated by the cotton ball clouds that drifted through the bright blue sky.  I was doubly pleased when I got home and found that my camera had captured the view just as I had hoped it would.  I’ve not had much success finding the right settings on the camera to capture this type of scene the way I have wanted to, but today it finally came together.

I remember stretching on the back lawn many years ago as a young boy, watching the clouds float overhead and dreaming about heaven.  Life was busy growing up on the farm so I’m sure those times of imagining the future were few and far between, but they were so real I still remember them even today.  I don’t remember if it was technically daydreaming or if I had actually fallen asleep, or if it was something different entirely, but I recall the real sense of flying/floating through the sky while enjoying the beauty of heaven in the presence of God.  I don’t think this dream ever included any details of what that was like other than a confidence that was where I was.  As I looked through today’s photos, they were a reminder of those days long ago when I first began to feel the closeness of God.  My daughter constantly talks about seeing Jesus someday and I pray that I have that same desire, expectation, and assurance that looks forward to that day each day I live.

I pray that you and I live fully aware of the work of God that calls all people to salvation through Jesus Christ.  I pray that we would desire to live obedient lives because of the cleansing of sin we have through the blood of Jesus.  I pray that we would not lose sight of the eternal reward that awaits all who are found in Christ.  I pray that we never outgrow our coming to Christ as a little child so that we always maintain the wonder and expectation that even today we could see Jesus face to face.


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