2016: Page 79

Aahhh . . . a Saturday!  Today was a good reminder of why I put in such long hours on Fridays.  There are times when events or plans cause me to leave some of the weekend prep undone on Friday and then have to go in Saturday or very early Sunday, but it always feels good to have a day when I can completely disconnect from work and have no plans but to relax and enjoy the day.  I slept in a bit this morning and then put some pork on the pellet grill to slow cook all day.  My plan was for it to be done for a late supper but when 8 PM rolled around and it still wasn’t ready, I shifted to plan B and grilled some hamburgers for tonight and will pull the pork when it is done so it is ready for another time.  I usually figure 10 – 12 hours so I guess putting it on at 9 in the morning wasn’t quite early enough this time.

The day itself was a low-keyed and laid back day of rest.  It was rather cold and cloudy, so rest seemed much more attractive than going out hiking and taking more photos.  After I got the pork started in the morning, I cut my hair as it was getting a little shaggy and then started going through photos from the past few days.  It wasn’t long before it was time for lunch so the family went out and enjoyed lunch together.  The afternoon was a mix of online social media, online browsing and dreaming as I kept up on new camera equipment, continued going through photos and a little Wii gaming just for fun.  Once the “plan B” hamburgers were consumed tonight, I realized it was late enough that I should write page 79 and then get some sleep so I’m rested and awake for the Sunday worship gathering at church.

I wonder how often most of us think about preparing for the time we spend together in worship celebrating what Jesus has done for us.  With tomorrow being known as Palm Sunday, I imagine most of us will spend at least some time being reminded of, and thinking about, the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem just days before the crowds would turn on Him and demand His crucifixion.  It is that thought that makes me think we ought to spend more time preparing for worship than what we do.  It is so easy to be swept along with the crowd.  We worship when the crowds worship and we condemn when the crowds condemn.  If I see my life as worship . . . if I prepare for worship . . . then worship should be what I express regardless of the nature of the crowds around me.  So how do you and I prepare to live a life of worship?  I think at least part of the preparation begins by recognizing that God deserves our worship all the time because He knows what He’s talking about all the time.  Some days I prepare for worship by observing His beauty in nature.  Today I prepared for worship by understanding the rest I needed and experienced today was His idea.  Tomorrow I prepare for a life of worship by gathering with like-minded believer to share in the body and blood of Christ through communion.  When I realize that God’s plans for me, the plans revealed through scripture that He desires for all mankind, are plans that prosper and do good . . . plans to give me hope and a future.  God’s part of this plan was accomplished through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.  My part of the plan is to accept God’s part of the plan.

I pray that you and I would find time for, and enjoy, the rest that God desires for us.  I pray that we would see worship as something much bigger and meaningful than just an hour service each week.  I pray that we would constantly prepare for a life of worship that is not swayed by the crowds.  I pray that we would fully accept God’s plan to give us a hope and a future through the work of Jesus in our life.


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