2016: Page 50

Earthdate: 20160219 — These are the ramblings of one traveler’s journey on earth as he makes his way toward a heavenly home.

Hold onto your hat, Christopher Robin!  It seems we had a rather balmy “Windsday” show up on Friday!  With a strong south wind blowing all day, the temperature rose to sixty degrees and the snow cover disappeared from the ground.  

I arrived at work at my usual 6 AM to find that someone had done at least part of the cleaning last night.  That worked out well because other areas needed extra attention to start the day as some sticky concoction had been spilled and/or trailed through the hallway.  It is always interesting how God seems to go ahead of me so that when unexpected things need extra attention, something that I had planned on needing to do doesn’t need done.  After the planned and unplanned cleaning, I spent some more time trying to figure out some network connection issues.  Fridays are generally my long day that requires both an early start and a late finish — I still have an hour or so of work to do once I finish writing this day’s page.  Fortunately, I am usually able to get away for a while at some point during the day.  As I consider how the day has gone, I am reminded of God’s Word which says that His ways are higher than my ways.  Not only are they higher, they are much better!  I pray that you and I would learn to pay attention to the ways of God in order to give him the glory and honor He is due.  I praise God that He cares for me, His child, and can arrange for others to help carry my load and/or give me the strength to carry it with His help.

Today’s “get away” was to go to the funeral visitation for a relative who slipped from this life into the next one night this week in his sleep.  I saw a lot of vaguely familiar faces but they were older versions of people that I used to know.  Many of them seemed to know who I was though, so I guess I haven’t aged a bit! 😀  When I got home from that, I finished up the initial writing for the first in a series of devotional booklets that I am working on.  The idea for these booklets came from the recent camp conference I attended as a number of camp leaders I talked with asked about devotional material for their summer staff that would be meaningful without being too complex and time-consuming.  The idea I am working on is a series of booklets that I’ve called “Devotions For Those Who Serve”.  Each booklet will cover 7 days and focus on some aspect of serving.  This first one is “Called to Serve” and is focused on the calling we have from God to serve one another.  As I searched through my photo files to find what I wanted for the cover of this booklet, I found a picture of Susan and I taken during campfire worship a number of years ago.  I’m still not 100% convinced that it is the right picture for this cover, but it is such a great picture that it is what I’m going with for now.

Called to Serve (front cover) 

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