2016: Page 51

Technically, page 51 started last night with the final hour of cleaning the building for the weekend from midnight until 1 AM.  That led to sleeping in this morning and a delayed official start to the day.  When I finally got up, the wind had subsided a great deal from yesterday’s force and the temperature was very pleasant with bright sunny skies.  With my wife insisting we find something to do so the day didn’t get wasted sitting in front of a computer with no real accomplishment, I decided it was time for a road trip to the lake.  After all, the sun was out, what could be better than a day at the beach . . . in February . . . in Michigan?  

So, after a stop at Walmart to check on some photo art that I ordered for the CCCA conference drawing, we headed out in search of Lake Michigan lighthouses.  My plan was to drive north to Ludington State Park to see the Big Sable Point lighthouse and then work our way back toward home, stopping at an assortment of lighthouses that we had not visited yet.  The 3-hour trip to Ludington took a little longer due to a lunch stop in Holland at Five Guys.  The drive north was beautiful with mostly clear skies and a few puffy clouds.  What I thought was about a mile hike out to the lighthouse at Ludington State Park ended up being a little over 4 miles round trip.  We had taken Susan’s all-terrain wheelchair to make this possible, but I hadn’t anticipated spending that much time at one location.  It was fun and very much worth doing, but it meant there would be fewer stops on the way back home before it got dark.  The lighthouse on Ludington pier was right on the way so we were able to see it as well as what passed as a lighthouse at the Pentwater pier.  We arrived at the Little Sable Point lighthouse just before sunset and it was a beautiful end to the lighthouses for the day before making the long journey home.

While I love visiting lighthouses, and often think a well located lighthouse would make a great prayer center, I realize that they were built where they are at for a purpose.  As I thought about the various types of structures we saw today at their different locations, it was obvious that each one was meant to provide direction to those on the water.  Jesus said that we are to let our light shine in such a way that people see our good works and give glory to our Father in heaven.  To be effective, the light of Jesus in us must be visible by the way we live, the things we say, and the things we do.  But not just visible, visible in a way that directs people to God rather than to us.  We’ve found a safe harbor through our relationship with Jesus and our light ought to be directing people to that same safety.

I pray that you and I would consistently use God’s Word as the light that leads us in the proper direction.  I pray that we would heed the warnings that our time with God in His Word and in prayer give regarding paths that lead to danger and destruction.  I pray that the light we show to others would always be consistent with God’s Word because it is His light we are sharing. 


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