2016: Page 52

Page 52 of the year 2016 is a Sunday which means the opportunity to worship God together with other believers . . . and today, rest.  As I spent some down time today with nothing on the schedule, I started going through the 238 photos I took yesterday during our family trip to some Lake Michigan lighthouses.  While most of the photos directly involved one of the lighthouses, a few were other scenes from the day that caught my eye.  On our hike back to one of the lighthouses a view of a tree, some sand, some sun, a few clouds, and the bright blue sky was one of those scenes that seemed to beg to be captured in a photograph.

While the scene caught my eye yesterday, it caught my eye again today as I reflected on the words, “the shadow of a mighty rock within a weary land”, from a hymn we sang in our worship gathering this morning.  Our worship leader pointed out, and I believe rightly so, that the hymn-writer likely had Isaiah 32 in mind as God proclaims a time that a king will reign in righteousness.  In such a time, each person will be a shelter from the harshness that has been felt by so many.  It is when we submit fully to the reign of God as our King that we are able to provide refreshment to the people around us who are living in a very weary land.  Not that we have that ability on our own, but in Christ we are tapped into the life-giving source of living water.  

For me, there is something eye-catching about a tree growing and flourishing in what, by all appearances, is a very dry and thirsty land.  I suspect that most people reading this post would often agree that this world in which we live is a very dry and thirsty land.  Each day we pass by people whose spirit has dried up within them as they longed for just a drop of refreshing rain to touch their life.  As sad as that may sound, the tragic part is that far too often those who have the greatest need have not seen or heard from those following Christ.  Those of us who belong to Christ should be a living testimony on a daily basis so that those who long for even a drop of water could see both the effects and source of that life-giving water in us.

I pray that you and I would daily experience the refreshing flow of the spirit of God in and through us.  I pray that we would live as examples to the world around us of the life-giving water that can be found through a relationship with Jesus.  I pray that my life represent Jesus as a shelter — a refuge to those seeking hope in a dry and weary world.


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