2016: Page 53

Today was pest control day at work so it began a little earlier than what has become my “normal” early mornings.  After cleaning the building in preparation for the school day, I settled in to my usual Monday morning writing routine.  It is a routine that is filled with prayer and God’s Word as I work on the weekly prayer guide for the following week.  Depending on how much of the morning that takes, and if other needs come up, I also try to do some work on whatever current writing projects God has put in my mind to do.  Today was fun as I worked on a prayer guide with the focus of being redeemed and continued some work on the “Devotions For Those Who Serve” series.

As I worked, I could hear the birds singing their songs of worship outside my window.  Although today was seasonably cool, the warm temperatures over the weekend seemed to have brought with it an increase of birds wanting to sing their songs.  As I listened to them, I began to think about my worship of God.  Do I worship God because of His worth regardless of my circumstances or does my worship tend to reflect my perception of God’s goodness to me?  Am I content with the actual necessities of life when combined with God’s presence or do I complain when God doesn’t give me the things I think I need?  My interest in photography and nature constantly reminds me of God’s creativity and care for the things that are His.  This reminder is extremely useful as I realize that it is not just the birds and the flowers that belong to God and are cared for by Him, I belong to God and am cared for by Him.

Following work I stopped by Walmart to pick up two high gloss mounted photo art prints that I had done for the door prize drawings at the CCCA conference I will have an Impact Prayer Ministry display at next week.  These are photos of mine that were taken as part of my personal worship times over the past year.  I chose them for the conference because of the meaning they have to me as well as the appropriateness I feel they have for those involved in camp ministry.  The first is from an early morning kayak outing where I spent time with God watching the sunrise.  The scripture I put with it is a reminder that rest is God’s idea and plan for each of us.  The second is a close-up of a day lily and the tag on the back will reveal my title for the artwork to be, “Consider the Lily”.  The label will include the scripture reminder that we should consider the lily and how God’s clothing it with such beauty should serve as a reminder to us of His care for us as His children.  He says that we should not worry because He knows what we need.

I pray that  you and I would worship God with our songs and our life simply because He is worthy of all our worship.  I pray that we would rest securely in God’s love each day that we live, knowing that He is fully aware of our needs and He has the resources to meet them.


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