2016: Page 54

I find myself often waking up just before the alarm would go off to start the day.  Sometimes I look at the clock and think I’ll get another 10 – 15 minutes of sleep and other times I get right up and get ready for work.  Most of the time I find that I am more alert through the day if I don’t try to get those few extra minutes of sleep after I’m already awake.  Today I got right up and went in to work where I could spend time with God in prayer as I cleaned the building for the day.  When I took the trash out, the full moon was beginning to set in the west as the sun was making its way up over the eastern horizon.  So back inside to grab my camera to capture and share some of the beauty God was allowing me to see.

As I watched the moon settling into the tree line on the west edge of the property, it reminded me of a ball stuck in the branches.  There is something comforting about the routines that are found in life and creation.  From one night to the next, it is difficult to see much difference in the moon and stars yet compare pictures taken a week or two apart and the changes are easy to see.  Sometimes I think we expect overnight changes in other people rather than accepting the slow and steady progress that we accept in ourselves.  God wants the transformation that He does in people to take hold and be permanent.  When we live each day a step and a time and make sure each step is in line with God’s Word, we build the patterns and habits of a godly life.  God’s Word teaches us that when we are convicted of the need to remove bad habits and sin from our life, we must replace it with things that are good and just.  When I put the effort into establishing a consistent lifestyle of prayer and worship, I find that they become natural parts of my daily life.  My interest in photography has helped me to not only capture, but to pay greater attention to the creative handiwork of God.  Keeping my eye open for a great photo helps me to see details of God’s work around me that I have spent a lot of years not noticing.

I pray that you and I would constantly evaluate our routines of life to see if they are drawing us closer to God or creating greater distance from Him.  I pray that we would deliberately add the things in our life that bear good fruit as we remove those things that destroy our witness.  I pray that we never lose sight of God’s presence and handiwork all around us each day.

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