2016: Page 55

Page 55 began with an unsettled night for some reason.  Fortunately, part of the cleaning had been done yesterday afternoon so I caught an extra half-hour of sleep before heading in to finish the building prep for the day and check on some door security issues.  The weather guys had been calling for a winter storm so I wasn’t real sure what I would wake up to.  The storm hadn’t arrived yet and the light of the moon filled the sky with a hazy glow behind a light cloud cover.  After I picked up the trash to take out, I was told the school was on a two-hour delay with the potential of being closed for the day.  I was already at work and mid-way through my early morning tasks, so I kept at it.  After the normal tasks of my morning routine, I went out to service the snowblower and make sure it was ready should it be needed.  When I came out of the garage, the snow had begun falling lightly.  Throughout the day it has kept coming and by late evening added up to around six inches of snowfall with no signs of stopping anytime soon.

While an accumulating snowfall creates additional work, the sheer beauty of it is hard to miss.  When my primary tasks were done, I spent some time in the office confirming my registration for next week’s CCCA conference vendor fair and doing some writing in preparation for that.  At first the snow was melting as it hit the ground and the only evidence of it was the coating it left on the trees.  As it kept falling, it slowly began to accumulate on the ground, first with a frosty coating and then eventually covering up all traces of the dormant grass.  The scene reminded me of the hymn which states, “Now wash me and I shall be whiter than snow.”  As the day progressed the dull, drab look of the ground and woods was transformed into a gleaming white snow globe scene.  God has the ability and desire to change the dull, drab, sin-stained existence of my life into a life of sparkling purity as His child.  God did the work through the blood of His Son, Jesus, to make me whiter than snow and He does the work to keep me whiter than snow.  But that doesn’t mean there is no effort required on my part.  I continue to “work out my salvation” with a full commitment to living a life of obedient faithfulness.  I take a stand to resist the devil and throw off the temptations and sins that seek to entrap me.  Yet even the work I do is not of myself, rather it is accomplished through the power of God’s Spirit living in me.

I pray that you and I would live daily in the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus.  I pray that we would make every effort to be found faithful when Jesus returns.  I pray that we would appreciate the beauty that God surrounds us with in creation and in the people around us.


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