2016: Page 153

Page 153 took us past buildings of all sizes and shapes, from very low cost to very expensive.  One community of very high-end island homes had a row of very well maintained church buildings of a variety of denominations.  Then near the end of the day we were at a beach where someone had left their version of a sand castle.  As I went through all 334 photos from the day, the sand castle one seemed to stand out as I thought about the various foundations that are built on.  Some of the structures we saw have been around for many years, having endured hurricanes and anything else that sought to bring them down.  The sand castle, on the other hand, will probably not be standing tomorrow after the tide rises and washes it all away.

Jesus taught that the foundation we choose to build on will indicate whether we are wise or foolish.  A foolish person pours all of their energy and resources into developing what is seen.  Their concern is about image, so everything gets spent in building a showplace without any thought to what it is being built on.  A wise person does whatever it takes to put a solid foundation in place before any work is done on that which will be visible.  While these truths apply in the construction industry, they are even more applicable to our spiritual walk — which is why Jesus told the story to begin with.  The comparison of real meaning is between the one who hears the words of Jesus and does what He says and the one who hears the same words and does nothing about them.  If we are not putting God’s Word into practice in our daily life, we are simply building a life on sand with no foundation to anchor to when the storms of life come.  When we put God’s Word  into practice in everything we do, we invest our time and energy into the foundation that cannot be shaken so that when the storms of life beat against us we remain steadfast because of our faith in Christ.

I pray that you and I would examine daily our faithfulness, not only to hearing God’s Word, but more importantly, to doing what it says.  I pray that we would be growing in faith — the assurance of things unseen.  I pray that the results of building upon a foundation of “unseen faith” would carry us through whatever storms we face.  I pray that we would help those who are building on sand without a foundation to discover the value of putting the Word of God into practice.


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