2017: Page 116

Page 116 has been the warmest day of the year so far with the temperature rising into the eighties.  It was a day to test the air conditioning systems before the temperature plummets with forecasted highs struggling to reach fifty degrees tomorrow and for the next week.  I arrived at work early to get the cleaning done and the building ready for the day so I could start mowing around the building before the students arrived.  I began with a light jacket but that didn’t last long as the sun eventually crested the horizon and broke through the early morning clouds.  I managed to get a couple hours of mowing done before running into an issue that required a trip to get parts.  I took Susan with me to Lowe’s where I was able to get the things I needed.  

Knowing it was going to be a long workday, I decided it was time for a break and took Susan for a quick visit to the zoo while we were out.  She was happy to see the tigers and one of them came right up to her when we arrived — it seems they were happy to see her too.  Today’s photo is from that zoo trip as the Macaw was out on its perch, posing for all to see.  I am fascinated by the intricate designs and the vivid colors that God gave this bird.  I enjoy our trips to the zoo.  One, because they are great times to spend with my daughter, and two, they give me an opportunity to see a variety of God’s creation that I would otherwise miss out on.

After our visit to the zoo was over, it was back to work where I finished out the morning working on getting information about the church’s VBS posted on our Facebook page and website.  I had that done shortly after noon and it was time to head back out and finish the mowing as the forecast is calling not only for cooler temperatures, but for rain to move in for the next few days.  As I mowed, I could see traffic noticeably slowing down as they crested the hill and came by our property.  I suspected I knew what was happening, and sure enough, as I made my way to mow along the roadway there was a police car setting at the end of our drive watching for drivers who grossly surpass the speed limit.  Without some measure of observation and enforcement, many drivers fly by as if there is no speed limit at all.  Even when we know the law, or what God expects, many times it is only the fear of being caught and suffering consequences that drive us to obedience.  How much better would it be for everyone if we learned to obey out of love because it is the right thing to do.

I finally finished mowing late in the afternoon and went and got a very late lunch before coming back to the building to take out trash before the Wednesday evening Bible studies.  As typical for my Wednesdays, I’m writing today’s page as I wait for the building to clear out so I can do the cleaning and prep for tomorrow.  

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Testing an air conditioning system when it is sixty degrees outside isn’t as effective as testing it when it is eighty. 
  • True testing sometimes requires extreme circumstances.  It is easy to think you’ll act a certain way when the heat is on but you really don’t know for sure until you’re actually in the middle of the heated circumstance.
  • Accommodating others isn’t always required but it is always appropriate when possible.
  • When things aren’t working as they should, sometimes the best thing to do is to stop and figure out what needs fixed or serviced.
  • God displays His creativity in many ways.  It is good not only to enjoy it, but to help others see it as well.
  • Our behavior is typically influenced by who we think is watching.
  • It is easy to say we believe God sees everything, but do our actions show we believe it?
  • God’s love for us desires that we live lives obedient to Him.  Our love for Him ought to fill us with that same desire.


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