2017: Page 115

My workday began by turning lights off that had been left on all night, then I focused on the usual cleaning and building prep that needed done for the day.  After my initial round through the hallways, I spent some time working on one of the A/C units as I had a note left for me that it wasn’t working and the forecast was calling for a couple days of summer-like temperatures.  With the early morning outside temperature in the forties, it was difficult to give the system a good test, but it seemed to be working by the time I was done with it.  After a long winter’s rest, sometimes these systems just want a little attention to convince them to run again.  

Once the building was ready for the day and the trash taken out, I spent time doing some research to find some parts that I need for some maintenance issues.  I eventually tracked down a supplier and was able to order the parts.  I was preparing to go outside and work on the lawn equipment before mowing when Susan had a seizure.  My plans quickly changed as I held her and helped her stay safe through the seizure and early post-seizure confusion.  Once the seizure was over, she rested in my office as I turned my attention to some more prayer and work on my sermon for Sunday instead of going outside.  Today’s photo was taken as I worked in my office and could see a pair of cardinals playing in the brush and picking up biscuit crumbs I had scattered on the lawn.  This cardinal wasn’t about to let the size of the crumb stop him from enjoying a good meal.

After Susan had rested and she and MJ left work for the day, I turned my attention to the large A/C system for the main part of the building.  Spring and fall can be difficult seasons to efficiently keep the building comfortable.  With morning outside temperatures in the forties and afternoon highs near eighty, the system controls get confused about whether to run heat or A/C.  Add to that the inconsistency in temperatures from day to day, and the process is difficult to program.  This week there is one more day with a forecasted high near eighty and then a number of days that will struggle to make it to a high temperature of fifty.  It seems each day presents a different need for the system programming but I’ve learned to be cautious in making changes as it is easy to change it too much at once which really messes with the results in a way that is not good.

By mid-afternoon my workday was over and it was time to get some lunch and head home for the day.  At home I rested for a short while before going out and mowing the lawn on what turned out to be a beautiful afternoon.  When I was finished outside, I spent some time on my social media accounts and then took a short nap before sitting down to write today’s page.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • It is nearly impossible to teach someone something that you yourself have not learned, or are in the process of learning.
  • It seems many people desire to be teachers, but few desire to be learners.
  • Disuse will eventually cause difficulty in functioning properly.  This is just as true of God’s Word in our spiritual life as it is in A/C system components.
  • In a society where most things are viewed as disposable, it is often difficult to find parts to repair things.
  • Sadder yet, is the difficulty in finding the tools, resources, and desire to repair the brokenness in people.
  • Caring for people is more important than caring for things.
  • Outside factors can make consistency in life difficult, but that shouldn’t keep us from giving our best effort as we turn to God.


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