2016: Page 49

Page 49 of this year of life has been a full one.  The day started in the usual way with the cleaning and disinfecting of bathrooms and common areas at work.  I didn’t see any deer today but as I took the trash out, God had woven together quite a tapestry in the sky.  After grabbing my camera and taking some pictures of the morning beauty, I followed up with some email and phone messages from the day before.  

One of the emails and phone messages went together about a Facebook ad I was running to promote a post I had made to announce the release of my latest book, “Watch Your Mouth: Choosing Words Which Honor Christ”.  I had submitted a customer support request yesterday because the ad had used all of the funds I had budgeted for it in a very short amount of time.  This morning I had both an email and a phone message waiting for me to explain why that had happened.  As it turned out, my post was so attractive that it reached its advertising goal in less than an hour!  I sent an email reply back stating that I understood the explanation given and that their response was satisfactory to me.  A little while later I received a phone call from Facebook customer support and the lady I talked to said the ad was so well laid out that when she was looking at my account to understand the issue, she wanted to click on it!  She was impressed not only with the images I used but also the title and subject matter of the book.  I was greatly encouraged by our conversation and invited her to go ahead and click on the link, that she was just as welcome to the free Kindle book as everyone else.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to let God work the details out in situations that we don’t fully understand.  When I sent in the customer support request yesterday, I was frustrated that the ad quit running in less than an hour when other posts I had promoted had run for the full 2 or 3 days that I had scheduled.  By taking the time to listen, I realized that the response to this ad was greater in less than an hour than the other attempts had been during their entire multi-day runs.  Not only that, but God was able to encourage me through a source I hadn’t anticipated and I believe He brightened the day of a stranger through the writing assignments He has given me to do.

The work day was rounded out with overseeing some maintenance tasks being done at the building and tracking down some information about some network issues that we continue to have in the building.  When I eventually made it home, I was able to sit down and reflect on the beauty of the day God has given me.  I think the sunrise was just the warm-up to prepare me for the beauty of God’s encouragement as He gave me a glimpse of how He is using the gift of writing He has given me to share.

I pray that you and I would always be aware of God’s ability to not only use us to encourage others, but also use others to encourage us.


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