Most people in life
      have something they want.
So stay out of their way
      when they start to hunt.
Sometimes we do struggle
      for we do not know.
Just quite what it is
      that we really want so.
Something is missing,
      of that there’s no doubt.
If only we knew how
      to figure it out.

We fill our life full
      of this and of that.
A piece is still missing
      and our joy does fall flat.
We may not know fully
      what we’re looking for.
It is so elusive,
      we think it’s just lore.
But when we do find it
      and we’re in the right place.
We won’t ever hide it,
      for it’s seen in our face.

God’s given me talents
      and gifts I can use.
How will I use them,
      I do get to choose.
Will I remain faithful
      in lifting His name.
Will I be serious
      or pretend it’s a game?
The more I do use,
      the gifts God does give.
I reach a fulfillment,
      each day that I live.

Sometimes we feel empty,
      for we’ve not figured out.
How God wants to use us,
      what our life is about.
Sometimes we know it,
      but we can’t figure how.
To use what God gave us
      to help people now.
When God calls you forward,
      the path may not be clear.
Take care of today,
      and walk with no fear.

There’s no greater joy
      than a life that does please.
To learn from my Savior
      as I pray on my knees.
To be lifted up
      and valued each day.
Loved by the creator,
      with something to say.
God gives me a venue,
      to share what’s in me.
To do it the right way,
      so it’s Him people see.

So, how can you help me;
      how can I help you?
Let’s encourage each other
      in what we need to do.
Commend acts of faith,
      without keeping count.
Keep taking steps forward,
      whatever the amount.
Trust God to finish
      what He has begun.
Hold on to your hat,
      make this journey fun.

It has been a fun 9 months of being back as part of the Deer Run staff and experiencing great fulfillment as I am encouraged to use all of the gifts that God puts into my life to serve others — even the unexpected gifts are valued with great encouragement to use them.  As I was praising God for His goodness, specifically in giving me these poems, He responded with this poem.  I pray that it encourages you to value God’s gifting in your life and in the lives of others.

In prayer,


It is such a joy
     to work with this team.
I pray that it’s real,
     and not just a dream.
Yes, there are times
     that I work the day through.
But times I take Susan
     and go to the zoo.
The freedom I have
     is all built on trust.
It’s not just important,
     it’s really a must.

As I look around
     at these gals and guys.
To have a great team
     should be no surprise.
They all are quite gifted
     in doing their part.
The thing that is special,
     is they serve from the heart.
No idea’s better
     just because of a name.
We want to be servants
     not seeking our fame.

The thing that’s surprising
     and really quite sad.
This type of teamwork
     is rare, like a fad.
If you think it’s passing,
     as fads often do.
Consider the value
     of this team to you.
We do our best work,
     or so it would seem.
When we work together
     and act like a team.

To seek good for others
     above all our own.
Is the life of a servant
     that Jesus has shown.
To not be afraid
     to do what it takes.
Whether lofty or low,
     no difference it makes.
It is such a blessing
     when help I can give.
The joy is compounded
     when this way we live.

As I was finishing up the cleaning of the church building tonight and thinking about all the people who help and encourage me, God gave me this poem. I share it in honor of the Deer Run team who have made me feel like a valuable part of what God is doing through each of us. I pray that God continues to pour out His blessing on the work that He is doing through Deer Run.

In prayer,


My peace I leave with you,
     my peace I do give.
Are words taught by Jesus
     on how we should live.
This could be much easier,
     I think you would see.
If all of the people
     with me would agree.
That really won’t happen,
     of that I am sure.
So I better get busy,
     for my pride find a cure.

God made us all different,
     made each one unique.
To understand others
     is what I must seek.
To see how God’s gifted
     and what He will use.
Since I’m not in charge,
     it’s not mine to choose.
Each one has something
     that God’s made their part.
I need to help them
     find out how to start.

As you start looking
     for what others have got.
This may sound quite easy,
     I assure you it’s not!
To think of them higher
     than you do yourself.
But don’t you go thinking
     you’ve been put on the shelf.
You’re gift has great value,
     it’s important to all.
So step out and use it
     as you follow God’s call.

God’s peace will happen
     when we swallow our pride.
When we work together
     for we’re on the same side.
This doesn’t mean
     that we’ll always agree.
But peace will still come
     when your value I see.
As I spend more time
     on what God says to do.
I don’t worry so much
     what He says to you.

I’m not here to judge you
     or over you rule.
Instead I’ll encourage,
     let you know we are cool.
With eyes fixed on Jesus,
     more clearly I see.
Peace comes from heaven,
     for you and for me.
So when our views differ
     and we know we are right.
Let’s pray to our Savior,
     that He’ll fix our sight.

And when He has straightened
     the way that we view.
May peace rest upon me
     and all over you.
And when this peace settles
     on all that we are.
Let’s take what we’ve learned
     and spread it afar.
And as we go boldly
     where no one would go.
I pray that God’s peace
     to others we show.

I was spending time with God reflecting on the incredible peace that He has given me within the family of Deer Run. It’s a peace that comes from His Spirit, but also from the great encouragement and sense of value that I receive on a very regular basis from those that surround me. As I reflected on this, God put this poem in my mind for me to collect and share. I pray that it is an encouragement to you in the way you view others who may think and act differently than you do.

In prayer,


It’s been quite a year
      as I look around.
Some dreams were lost
      while others were found.
When life doesn’t turn out
      quite as I planned,
I still trust the Holy One
      who is holding my hand.
It’s my faith in Jesus
      that helps me get through.
I hope and I pray
      that is true for you, too.

When people mistreat you
      and life seems unfair,
Look to your Savior
      ’cause He’ll always care.
It may take much longer
      than you think it should,
But God still does promise
      it will be for your good.
When this life is over,
      if you can recall,
All of those hardships
      will seem kind of small.

So look at what matters
      and see what will last.
Having such vision
      can conquer the past.
The things thought important
      may not really be.
If they last for a moment
      instead of eternally.
So don’t be too worried
      what people might say.
As long as you’re ready
      for God’s judgment day.

When living in this world
      it’s so hard to think.
That all of my “good” stuff
      could be gone in a wink.
So handle possessions
      with a very loose grip.
Then it’s not so painful
      when they start to slip.
Invest all your treasure
      in what cannot be lost.
For it has great value
      no matter the cost.

I pray that these words accomplish the purpose for which God gave them to me.  Perhaps part of that purpose is for you.

In prayer,
Tom Lemler


What Is It Worth?

What Is “It” Worth?

We have many ways of determining the worth, or value, or something.  We may look at how much something costs, how much someone would give us for it, or even how much it means to us.  Physical items often seem fairly easy to determine their worth, even when that value varies somewhat depending on who is looking at it.

Non-tangible items, particularly relationships, may be much harder to place a value on.  When trying to determine the true worth of a relationship, we must honestly ask a hard question: “How much effort am I putting into this relationship?”. 

While this is true in our relationships with people, it is a critical question in evaluating how much value we place on our relationship with Jesus.  Most Christians would say they desire a growing and vibrant relationship with Jesus.  Yet many times, we expect it to exist simply because we want it.  The idea of putting work and effort into it never crosses our mind or we decide we’re too busy to invest any significant time or energy into developing that relationship.

Prayer, Bible reading, Scripture memorization, Bible study, Listening to God, and other spiritual disciplines takes time and effort.  Our desire for a passionate relationship with Jesus ought to draw us to do whatever it takes to know God personally. 

What is it worth to you?  How much are you investing in it?  Jesus desires this relationship so much that He gave His life to make it possible.