It is such a joy
     to work with this team.
I pray that it’s real,
     and not just a dream.
Yes, there are times
     that I work the day through.
But times I take Susan
     and go to the zoo.
The freedom I have
     is all built on trust.
It’s not just important,
     it’s really a must.

As I look around
     at these gals and guys.
To have a great team
     should be no surprise.
They all are quite gifted
     in doing their part.
The thing that is special,
     is they serve from the heart.
No idea’s better
     just because of a name.
We want to be servants
     not seeking our fame.

The thing that’s surprising
     and really quite sad.
This type of teamwork
     is rare, like a fad.
If you think it’s passing,
     as fads often do.
Consider the value
     of this team to you.
We do our best work,
     or so it would seem.
When we work together
     and act like a team.

To seek good for others
     above all our own.
Is the life of a servant
     that Jesus has shown.
To not be afraid
     to do what it takes.
Whether lofty or low,
     no difference it makes.
It is such a blessing
     when help I can give.
The joy is compounded
     when this way we live.

As I was finishing up the cleaning of the church building tonight and thinking about all the people who help and encourage me, God gave me this poem. I share it in honor of the Deer Run team who have made me feel like a valuable part of what God is doing through each of us. I pray that God continues to pour out His blessing on the work that He is doing through Deer Run.

In prayer,