What Is It Worth?

What Is “It” Worth?

We have many ways of determining the worth, or value, or something.  We may look at how much something costs, how much someone would give us for it, or even how much it means to us.  Physical items often seem fairly easy to determine their worth, even when that value varies somewhat depending on who is looking at it.

Non-tangible items, particularly relationships, may be much harder to place a value on.  When trying to determine the true worth of a relationship, we must honestly ask a hard question: “How much effort am I putting into this relationship?”. 

While this is true in our relationships with people, it is a critical question in evaluating how much value we place on our relationship with Jesus.  Most Christians would say they desire a growing and vibrant relationship with Jesus.  Yet many times, we expect it to exist simply because we want it.  The idea of putting work and effort into it never crosses our mind or we decide we’re too busy to invest any significant time or energy into developing that relationship.

Prayer, Bible reading, Scripture memorization, Bible study, Listening to God, and other spiritual disciplines takes time and effort.  Our desire for a passionate relationship with Jesus ought to draw us to do whatever it takes to know God personally. 

What is it worth to you?  How much are you investing in it?  Jesus desires this relationship so much that He gave His life to make it possible.