I have a computer
      that’s trying to die.
I open a program
      and it asks me, “Why?”.
“This will cause problems,
      for my memory is low.”
“I warned you this time;
      so yes, I’ll be slow.”
“If you do not heed
      this helpful advice.”
“I’ll shut myself down,
      I won’t warn you twice.”

The brain can be like
      this computer of mine.
When it functions well,
      everything does just shine.
But let it fill up
      with unhealthy stuff.
And it isn’t long
      before it’s running rough.
Add to the problem
      some unrelenting stress.
And before very long,
      the whole things a mess.

Just like the computer,
      a warning we get.
The body calls out,
     “I’m here, don’t forget.”
But so very often,
      when we ache and much more.
The warnings God gives us,
      we simply ignore.
Ignore it for too long,
      I say with a frown.
It could be disaster,
      as your body shuts down.

So what do I do
      for my computer and me?
When things are not right
      and the warnings I see.
I look to the manual
      and seek to restore.
The purpose and function,
      I was created for.
I clear out all garbage
      and cleanse from within.
I restore a memory
      that is free from all sin.

I trim down my files
      to what’s needed most.
I only have room,
      for good things to host.
I empty my mind
      of things from the past.
And only hold on to,
      that which should last.
It’s an ongoing process,
      not done in a day.
It’s a daily surrender
      to God and His Way.

If you’ve not noticed,
      the subject is me.
It’s not really about
      the computer, you see.
The warnings God gives me,
      I need to observe.
So I function smoothly
      as His name I serve.
I pray that you notice,
      the warnings in you.
So you would be faithful
      as you serve Him too.

My computer has been giving me warning messages and randomly stopping off and on for a few days now.  In addition to that, I’ve had a headache for much of the day and the work going on in the building hasn’t helped much.  As I took some time to rest and listen to God prior to a meeting tonight, He put this poem in my mind.  I pray that it serves His purposes and brings Him glory.

In prayer,