The End

I took time today
      to visit a friend.
He has been told
      his life will soon end.
The thing that I thought
      as we took time to chat.
We don’t like to think,
     “Am I ready for that?”
We’d much rather keep
      pretending each day.
That nothing could happen
      to take life away.

When we stop to think
      that this day could be it.
Does it change what we do
      with the times we just sit?
To reflect on our life
      that God Himself gave,
We should recognize
      that we need Him to save.
There’s only two choices
      at the end of this life.
Forever with Jesus,
      or eternal strife.

Do I live each day
      like it could be my last?
Long for the future
      with a forgiven past.
Will people surround me
      with stories of good?
Will they say I loved Jesus,
      like I said that I would?
And if I do wonder,
      just what they might say.
A pretty good answer,
      is what’s said today.

So how will I live,
      this day to the full?
Will I draw near to Jesus
      as my heart he does pull?
Will I think more clearly
      than ever before?
And realize without Him,
      I’m way beyond poor.
He’s the great treasure
      that I have received.
His Spirit has filled me
      because I believed.

Because of His presence,
      it’s really okay.
If quite unexpected,
      this is my last day.
But if He should give me
      a little more time.
I pray that He’s seen,
      in my life and my rhyme.
I want to be faithful
      in all I do spend.
So He says, “Welcome home,
      it’s not really the end.”

I spent some time yesterday with a friend who has outlived some of his doctor’s expectations and knows he is nearing the end of his life on this earth.  He is ready for those words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”,  because they fit him.  As I’ve been praying for him and his wife, God put this poem in my mind.  I pray that it helps each of us to spend time with God considering if we are ready for this journey on earth to end.

In prayer,

The Story

There is a true story
      that I have been told.
I do love to hear it,
      it never gets old.
It’s the story of Jesus
      and of His great love.
How He came to earth,
      descending from above.
He had a purpose
      and followed a plan.
His love came to save us
      as He became man.

Love was not created,
      it always has been.
From the very beginning,
      God knew we could sin.
But even with this fact,
      He gave us His breath.
Then gave man instructions
      so he could avoid death.
Satan did tempt Eve
      to eat from the tree.
She called out to Adam,
     “Come, eat with me.”

When they had eaten,
      the fruit on that day.
Their eyes became opened,
      they did disobey.
God came and asked them,
     “Just what have you done?”
I can almost hear them,
     “We were just having fun.”
But fun times were over,
      at least like they’d had.
It did not take long
      for life to be sad.

Life was not easy,
      because of their sin.
God said He would solve it,
      they didn’t know when.
Many years later,
      at just the right time.
God sent us a Savior,
      the story’s sublime!
Born in a stable,
      was God’s only Son.
The wise men acknowledged
      that He was the One.

He lived His life perfect
      and sinless and pure.
He always kept focused
      on what He must endure.
To sacrifice His life,
      to be hung on a tree.
His death had a purpose
      for you and for me.
But death could not keep Him
      bound up in the grave.
He rose up victorious,
      from death He can save.

From the beginning,
      when God called us “man”.
To show us His love
      was always His plan.
He died to save us
      and set us apart.
He wants us to seek Him
      with all of our heart.
We have the power
      to overcome death.
When our life is filled with
      His Holy Spirit’s breath!

This is the story
      that I like to hear.
It always reminds me
      that I need not fear.
His love from beginning
      will last to the end.
His love draws me to Him
      and calls me His friend.
A friend to this sinner
      is what He has been.
So I long for heaven,
      I don’t know just when.

I was in the middle of sweeping floors, cleaning, and singing to God when this poem filled my mind.  One of my favorite hymns is “I Love To Tell the Story” but I’m not even sure if that is what I was singing when this poem showed up.  I had to stop and type it out so I can go back to cleaning and singing.   I pray that this ministers in the way God desires for it to and that it brings glory to His name.

In prayer,

Final Preparations

If you knew that this year
     was the last you would get.
Would you be more active
     or quietly sit?
Would you talk more of Jesus
     and tell the good news?
Or keep to yourself,
     which one will you choose?
If this is the year
     that Jesus will come,
Will you be ready,
     will He say, “Well done!”.

 If you’re not too sure
     of what He would say,
I ask you to listen
     and seek Him today.
He gives us the truth
     throughout His good Book.
So why don’t you sit down
     and take a good look.
If we read His story
     from beginning to end.
We’ll see His desire is
     to call us His friend.

 So how should you answer
     and what should you do,
If this is the year
     Jesus comes for you, too.
Ask Him to cleanse you
     and wash away sin.
Love and serve others,
     their soul seek to win.
And if you should wonder
     how God you could please.
Then feed, clothe, and visit
     all who are “least of these”.

 If you should ask me
     just what does that mean.
I’ll point you to Jesus
     as He shares a scene.
He tells us a story
     of quite a large crowd.
Some are cast out to
     a place that is loud.
The only real difference
     as He made His choice,
Were they serving others —
     the ones with no voice.

As I was praying for a couple of families who have lost loved ones in the past week, God opened up this poem in my mind and out it came.  I pray that these words are a help and encouragement to you as you consider your readiness for the Lord’s return.

In prayer,
Tom Lemler