The End

I took time today
      to visit a friend.
He has been told
      his life will soon end.
The thing that I thought
      as we took time to chat.
We don’t like to think,
     “Am I ready for that?”
We’d much rather keep
      pretending each day.
That nothing could happen
      to take life away.

When we stop to think
      that this day could be it.
Does it change what we do
      with the times we just sit?
To reflect on our life
      that God Himself gave,
We should recognize
      that we need Him to save.
There’s only two choices
      at the end of this life.
Forever with Jesus,
      or eternal strife.

Do I live each day
      like it could be my last?
Long for the future
      with a forgiven past.
Will people surround me
      with stories of good?
Will they say I loved Jesus,
      like I said that I would?
And if I do wonder,
      just what they might say.
A pretty good answer,
      is what’s said today.

So how will I live,
      this day to the full?
Will I draw near to Jesus
      as my heart he does pull?
Will I think more clearly
      than ever before?
And realize without Him,
      I’m way beyond poor.
He’s the great treasure
      that I have received.
His Spirit has filled me
      because I believed.

Because of His presence,
      it’s really okay.
If quite unexpected,
      this is my last day.
But if He should give me
      a little more time.
I pray that He’s seen,
      in my life and my rhyme.
I want to be faithful
      in all I do spend.
So He says, “Welcome home,
      it’s not really the end.”

I spent some time yesterday with a friend who has outlived some of his doctor’s expectations and knows he is nearing the end of his life on this earth.  He is ready for those words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”,  because they fit him.  As I’ve been praying for him and his wife, God put this poem in my mind.  I pray that it helps each of us to spend time with God considering if we are ready for this journey on earth to end.

In prayer,