MCSC – The Not So Official Groundbreaking!

Michiana Christian Service Camp: 
Let The Construction Begin!

Let the construction begin!

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While the official groundbreaking was yesterday, Sunday, August 10, the “real” dirt moving began today! 

I had the privilege of spending the day helping to get Michiana Christian Service Camp’s construction phase of the “Connecting Kids” campaign underway.  I helped move electric lines, replaced some septic line, helped with the digging, and put up some safety fencing.  All-in-all it was a very full and busy day that I thoroughly enjoyed!  Have I mentioned lately how much I love this camp?  Please join me in praying for Michiana Christian Service Camp as this construction project continues through the fall.   

The Connecting Kids Capital Campaign is the mechanism being used to raise the funds necessary for the work that is now underway.  In order to be better equipped “to prepare people for eternity”, the camp is putting a two-story addition on its dining hall building and adding on to the health officer’s cabin.  For more information about Michiana Christian Service Camp and the Connecting Kids Capital Campaign, visit their web site.

Michiana Christian Service Camp is an incredible place that is dedicated to sharing a faith in Jesus Christ in positive and exciting ways.  This is done through summer youth camps, as well as various youth, family, ladies, seniors, and other retreat opportunities.  You can help MCSC accomplish this task!  Contact the camp for more information on giving to the camp with your finances and/or labor.

Michiana Christian Service Camp. Here I Come!

Summer camp season is back!

I don’t think that I have written lately how much I enjoy and appreciate the incredible ministry that takes place at Michiana Christian Service Camp near Niles, Michigan.  While the ministry goes on in various forms throughout the year, the summer youth camp program is at the heart of what MCSC is all about.

I had the privilege of speaking today to a group of Jr Faculty, and others, who will be working at the camp for a week or more this summer.  My job was to give instruction and lead them in a Prayer Walk of the camp property.  As I talked about prayer and the incredible power we have through it to align our will with God’s, I challenged the participants to use today’s Prayer Walk as practice for the time they will spend at camp this summer.  I gave some examples and instructions for the Prayer Walk and then sent them out to cover the property in prayer.  My hope and prayer is that they not only prayed today, but that they will be in an attitude of unceasing prayer as they work with the campers that attend MCSC this summer. 

While today was fun, tomorrow my family and I head back up to MCSC to spend the week!  This 5th & 6th grade week of camp is the first for the summer and I get to be the missionary for the week representing the ministry I do with Impact.  I am so excited and looking forward to sharing about what God can do in a life that is fully sold out and surrendered to Him.  I will be teaching about prayer and the mission statement of Impact: “Pursue, Model, and Teach Intimacy with God.” 

Would you pray that God will use this week for His glory and honor?  I have been teaching at this age group of camp for several years and am amazed at how eagerly many of the campers grasp the lessons and desire a growing relationship with God through Jesus.

If you have the opportunity to be a part of a Christian Service Camp in some way this summer, I would highly recommend it.  There probably isn’t a better way a person could spend a week this summer than investing in the spiritual formation and growth of a young person.

A Broken Toe

Wow!  What a week of camp!  . . . OK, so I left a day early because of a trip to Seattle today, but it was a great week of camp.

It is so much fun to teach, especially 5th & 6th graders, the concepts of pursuing God with all the energy and enthusiasm they can give.  They have a bunch of it that they use on a variety of things, so helping to focus that on pursuing God has results that are often visible.

I have always loved using the camp-wide capture the flag game as an object lesson to teach the level of pursuit we need to have for God.  This year, I outdid myself!  I put so much effort and energy into the game so that I could talk to the students about it the next morning, that I broke my big toe and took a roll through the gravel drive.  That took the object lesson to a whole new level.  In the game, I had finally resisted “capture” to the point of shedding blood.  In life, though, I had to agree with Paul that I “had not yet resisted sin to the point of shedding blood.” 

Not only do we need an ultimate, sacrificial effort to pursue God with all our “heart, mind, soul, and strength”, we need to put equal effort into resisting temptations to sin.  Fortunately, in both endeavors we have the help and power of the Holy Spirit to partner and guide us in the truth of God’s Word.

Even with the broken toe, which happened on Monday night, I had a great week of camp.  The “pursuing God” was emphasized on Tuesday and taught throughout the week.  I also had opportunity to teach about being “models” of Jesus, about being disciple-makers, and about praying at all times, in all ways, for all people.  I was happy to be there and be a part of such an incredible camp.

May you and I be found pursuing God with reckless abandonment and resisting sin, even to the point of shedding blood.

Michiana Christian Service Camp

Michiana Christian Service CampI just got back from Michiana Christian Service Camp I love this camp!  I was there this morning to teach and lead the 5th & 6th grade campers in praying.  I had three “class” sessions where the campers and faculty would come to me and we would use the surroundings of the camp as prayer prompts to worship and communicate with God. 

We praised God for His creativity, His goodness, His provision, His kindness, His gentleness, and His love among other things.  We also thanked Him for the camp facility, the camp staff, the opportunities for fun, and for friends -new and old.  We took our requests to God for safety, for the camp’s expansion plans, for endurance and rest.  I am always impressed at how quickly young people catch the concept of constant communication with God.  They don’t have a problem praying and talking with God about everything and anything.  I pray that they never lose that love for God that just wants to know Him and be known by Him.

I highly recommend Michiana Christian Service Camp to any and all young people.  It is a great place to connect with friends and more importantly, to work on that connection with God.

You Call That Work?

Michiana Christian Service CampI am heading to Michiana Christian Service Camp today for an area ministers meeting.  Our purpose today is to pray for the camp, its staff, and the upcoming summer youth camp season.  We’ve been doing this for several years now.  When I moved to this area, it was originally a ministers work day where we did a variety of physical labor tasks to help get the camp ready for summer.

A few years ago, several area ministers made a decision to apply some of the Acts 6 text to our camp situation.  To take our work day and spend it devoted to prayer and the Word.  To help prepare the camp spiritually while enlisting and encouraging others to participate in the camp’s annual work days to accomplish the physical tasks.

I’m convinced that the camp understands and appreciates the value of both consistent and “on-site” prayer for their needs, staff, and camp participants.  In my role as “Prayer Minister”, I don’t believe that every Christian yet understands the value and the work aspect of prayer.  Understanding is growing, but a more likely response to hearing of a “work day” where the activity is praying is, “You call that work?” 

My answer is just as pointed, “YES!”  Perhaps one of the reasons that so many Christians feel ineffective when it comes to prayer is that they have undervalued it and don’t “work” at it.  Consistent, fervent, open communication with God is hard work.  It takes discipline to keep focused and not be overcome by life’s distractions.  Yet the reward is great.  James tells us that, “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”  (James 4:16 TNIV)

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that prayer often leads us to act and do something in obedience to God.  Physical labor is needed and a good thing.  I plan on doing both at camp today.  But for me, the main priority for my day is prayer and seeking God’s face on behalf of the camp.  I love the camp and am excited about having the privilege to pray on-site for it.