A Return to Writing!

I need to get back in the habit of writing!  The only way I know of to do that is to actually write.  Kind of like the old advertising slogan, “Just do it!”. 

Anyhow, this is just a warm-up post to hopefully build anticipation for a series I will begin later this week.  Last week I was once again at Michiana Christian Service Camp for another 5th & 6th grade camp week.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love this camp?  It was a great week and I had the opportunity to speak each day at the evening worship gathering.  The them for the week was LOST and I used that word as an acrostic for the four message themes I shared with the campers.  As I thought about that this week, I realized that those message themes would make good subject matter to write about here on this blog.

So . . . be looking for this series coming very soon with the first installment tackling the subject of “Listen”.

Michiana Christian Service Camp. Here I Come!

Summer camp season is back!

I don’t think that I have written lately how much I enjoy and appreciate the incredible ministry that takes place at Michiana Christian Service Camp near Niles, Michigan.  While the ministry goes on in various forms throughout the year, the summer youth camp program is at the heart of what MCSC is all about.

I had the privilege of speaking today to a group of Jr Faculty, and others, who will be working at the camp for a week or more this summer.  My job was to give instruction and lead them in a Prayer Walk of the camp property.  As I talked about prayer and the incredible power we have through it to align our will with God’s, I challenged the participants to use today’s Prayer Walk as practice for the time they will spend at camp this summer.  I gave some examples and instructions for the Prayer Walk and then sent them out to cover the property in prayer.  My hope and prayer is that they not only prayed today, but that they will be in an attitude of unceasing prayer as they work with the campers that attend MCSC this summer. 

While today was fun, tomorrow my family and I head back up to MCSC to spend the week!  This 5th & 6th grade week of camp is the first for the summer and I get to be the missionary for the week representing the ministry I do with Impact.  I am so excited and looking forward to sharing about what God can do in a life that is fully sold out and surrendered to Him.  I will be teaching about prayer and the mission statement of Impact: “Pursue, Model, and Teach Intimacy with God.” 

Would you pray that God will use this week for His glory and honor?  I have been teaching at this age group of camp for several years and am amazed at how eagerly many of the campers grasp the lessons and desire a growing relationship with God through Jesus.

If you have the opportunity to be a part of a Christian Service Camp in some way this summer, I would highly recommend it.  There probably isn’t a better way a person could spend a week this summer than investing in the spiritual formation and growth of a young person.