A Broken Toe

Wow!  What a week of camp!  . . . OK, so I left a day early because of a trip to Seattle today, but it was a great week of camp.

It is so much fun to teach, especially 5th & 6th graders, the concepts of pursuing God with all the energy and enthusiasm they can give.  They have a bunch of it that they use on a variety of things, so helping to focus that on pursuing God has results that are often visible.

I have always loved using the camp-wide capture the flag game as an object lesson to teach the level of pursuit we need to have for God.  This year, I outdid myself!  I put so much effort and energy into the game so that I could talk to the students about it the next morning, that I broke my big toe and took a roll through the gravel drive.  That took the object lesson to a whole new level.  In the game, I had finally resisted “capture” to the point of shedding blood.  In life, though, I had to agree with Paul that I “had not yet resisted sin to the point of shedding blood.” 

Not only do we need an ultimate, sacrificial effort to pursue God with all our “heart, mind, soul, and strength”, we need to put equal effort into resisting temptations to sin.  Fortunately, in both endeavors we have the help and power of the Holy Spirit to partner and guide us in the truth of God’s Word.

Even with the broken toe, which happened on Monday night, I had a great week of camp.  The “pursuing God” was emphasized on Tuesday and taught throughout the week.  I also had opportunity to teach about being “models” of Jesus, about being disciple-makers, and about praying at all times, in all ways, for all people.  I was happy to be there and be a part of such an incredible camp.

May you and I be found pursuing God with reckless abandonment and resisting sin, even to the point of shedding blood.

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