2018: Page 30

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • I was awake shortly before the alarm once again, but this time the alarm was the sound of Susan having a seizure.  The up and down weather always seems to increase her seizure activity.
  • A lack of consistency in our time with God can make us more susceptible to what I would call “spiritual seizure activity” — where our connection with God short-circuits for a time.
  • Just about everyone I know deals with something that they would rather not experience if they had a choice.  How we handle those things says a lot about who we really are.
  • The building prep and cleaning were fairly routine this morning . . . so much so that when I was done I had to go back and check on something that I didn’t remember doing — I had.
  • Routines are good when they keep us doing the things we ought, even if we don’t always remember doing them.
  • I did some more work today in the next volume of “Devotions For Those Who Serve”.  Today’s writing was about serving with favor — both in extending favor to others and in serving with God’s favor.
  • I had lunch with a friend and we talked about unity.  True God-inspired unity has to be more than just everyone doing the same thing as we each have different gifting from God and different callings in how to use them.
  • I spent the afternoon at the hospital.  I’m okay, but my brother was having hip surgery.
  • I have learned I need to eat before I make a hospital visit, so going after lunch was a good thing.  If I don’t eat, I am very likely to pass out — not a good thing when the visitor trying to encourage a family passes out at the sight of the patient. 🙂
  • As I left the hospital, the moon had begun to rise in the eastern sky and was coming in and out of some scattered cloud cover but it was visible enough to catch my attention.
  • Even when Jesus isn’t fully visible in our life, there ought to be enough of Him seen that it gets the attention of the people around us.
  • Today’s photo is one I took this evening as the moon broke free of the clouds and I had to stop halfway home so I could take some photos.


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