2018: Page 29

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • I was awake well ahead of the alarm, so I decided to get up and get my workday started early.  Our pest control service had been rescheduled for today so I didn’t want to try to go back to sleep and risk sleeping through the alarm.
  • As the pest control tech was doing his thing, I thought about the spiritual pests that do their best to infiltrate our lives.
  • While some pests are more difficult to get rid of than others, none of them are a simple one-time removal process.  They all require some degree of diligence in keeping ahead of their continued efforts to return.  I don’t know about you, but the spiritual pests are just like that in my life.
  • Once the building was ready for the day, it was time to settle in with God to write the prayer guide for next week.
  • This week’s prayer guide is about the delight we ought to have in the Lord, so to finish out the second half of Psalm 37:4 the next prayer guide will be about the desires of our heart.
  • As I worked, I had a salesman stop by to talk to me about building services his company provides.  I’m not in the market for any new service providers but we had some great ministry conversations as he not only works in the service industry, but is a pastor at a church.
  • I’m not a fan of interruptions, but sometimes the purpose and benefit of them is more obvious than others, at least to me — God always knows what I need even if I think I need something else.
  • The morning was gone by the time I finished writing the prayer guide and turned my attention to formatting and scheduling it to be published Sunday, but it was a morning well spent.
  • The afternoon was a combination of errands as I had a faulty computer to ship back for repair/replacement and I needed to pick up some cleaning supplies for work.
  • Sometimes things need more expertise than what I can provide or have the time to give, so I turn to those who made it to begin with. 
  • We could live life more fully if we were more inclined to turn to the One who made us rather than trying to do everything in our own wisdom and power.
  • Today’s photo was taken during a brief visit by this beautiful cardinal this morning as the snow fell lightly around him.


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