2018: Page 31

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • I headed to work early under a cloud-filled sky with no sign of the “super, blue, blood moon that was supposed to be experiencing an eclipse this morning.
  • The works of God are rarely as predictable as we would like — they may be taking place, but that doesn’t mean that we will always be able to see them when we want.
  • As I did my morning prayer, cleaning and building prep routine I thought about the mysteries of God and how amazing it is that He chooses to occasionally give us a glimpse into some of them.
  • Once the building was ready for the day, I took the trash out and discovered the cloud cover had broken up and the lunar eclipse was taking place.  I got my camera and took a few photos before it disappeared behind the tree line and into another bank of clouds.
  • I had a tire on my truck that had issues and was no longer round which made it feel like my truck was hopping along when I drove.
  • Sometimes when our life is out of balance, we are able to keep going but our journey isn’t as smooth as it ought to be.
  • I dropped the truck off to get new tires put on and returned to work where I continued the writing of the next prayer-based devotional journals I am working on.
  • Part of today’s writing focused on serving with humility.  I’m pretty sure there is an element of redundancy in those terms as godly service will not take place without humility and godly humility will lead us to serve.
  • By early afternoon I was able to pick up my truck and it was nice to drive it with the new tires and not have it hop along.
  • At home, I took care of some online updates and ordered a photo print for my mom before arranging to have dinner with my parents this evening.
  • Today’s photo was taken as I was working in the office this morning.  Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a flash of red and upon closer examination I found this woodpecker poking his head out of a hole he had made in the tree.
  • I also added a bonus photo that is a combination of several of the lunar eclipse photos I took this morning. 🙂



4 thoughts on “2018: Page 31

  1. “he works of God are rarely as predictable as we would like — they may be taking place, but that doesn’t mean that we will always be able to see them when we want.” – Absolutely! Sometimes it is hard to remember this when our desire to “be in charge” appears. I was stymied when looking for the moon this morning too. Too many clouds and unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to check again later…

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