The Courage To Overcome Sin! (Sermon Audio)


This is the audio from the July 31, 2022 sermon, “The Courage To Overcome Sin”, shared by Tom Lemler at the Deer Run Church of Christ.

Text:  Joshua 7 & 8

Life is full of high points and low points regardless of how we live, so having the courage to overcome is a valuable trait for everyone at all times. Sometimes, however, we face defeat because of sin and we must be courageous enough to overcome the sin in order to overcome the struggle. So, what does it look like for you and I to overcome . . .

  • Selfishness.  Joshua 7:20-21, James 4:3
    • Often at the heart of sin in our life is an element of selfishness.  It was the selfish nature of a man named Achan that brought about the need for Israel to overcome sin before victory could again be obtained.  As those who have been bought with the blood of Jesus, we should live a life devoted to Him in such a way that selfishness has no place to take root.  When we daily decide that God is in charge and that we are not, we begin to live with the courage to overcome selfishness.
  • Injury.  Joshua 7:4-5, James 4:1-2
    • Sin has a way of causing injury not only to the person who sins, but often to many others as well.  Israel’s army suffered defeat and the loss of lives because of sin in the camp.  Whether we are the one injured or the one causing injury, God expects us to look deep within His Word to see how He can bring forgiveness and healing.  When we allow God’s Spirit to convict us of sin and bring about a transformation in our life, we begin to live with the courage to overcome the injury sin has caused.
  • Neglect.  Joshua 8:1, James 4:17
    • While many people would not set out to intentionally sin, we find ourselves caught up in the sin of neglect by choosing not to do the things we know God has said we ought to do.  It appears to me that after the resounding victory over Jericho, Israel decided to forgo getting God’s direction on how to proceed and came up with their own plan for conquering the city of Ai.  At the very least, the plan implemented at the beginning of Joshua 7 was very different than the plan God directed at the beginning of chapter 8.  When we decide that everything is important enough for us to seek God’s counsel, we begin to live with the courage to overcome neglect.

Will you seek God’s help today to overcome SIN?