WORK, For the Night is Coming! (Sermon Audio)

This is the audio from the September 6, 2020 sermon, “WORK, For the Night is Coming”, shared by Tom Lemler at the North Wayne Mennonite Church.

Text: John 9:1-12, 35-41

Jesus teaches that we must work while it is still day, for a time is coming when night falls and our work will be over.

As the night approaches, how will you:

  • Witness:
    • John 9:1-5, Acts 1:8 — We are called to be God’s witnesses wherever we are.  Even when things happen which are beyond our understanding, God can use the circumstances to bear testimony to His great name.
  • Obey: 
    • John 9:6-12, John 14:15 — The work of obedience doesn’t earn our salvation, but it does show our allegiance to the One who saved us. Obedience is where we put our faith into practice.
  • Repent:
    • John 9:39-41, Revelation 2 & 3 — When we claim to be without sin, the truth is not in us.  God calls each of us to admit our blindness and turn from it to seek Him fully.
  • Know:
    • John 9:35-38, Luke 1:1-4 — God has given us His Word and the examples of faithful Christians so that we may know Him.  Knowing Jesus ought to fill us with a desire to help others know Him more fully.

As you celebrate Labor Day, keep your eyes fixed on Jesus with an awareness that night may be closer than you realize.  As you live each day, be sure to Witness, Obey, Repent, and Know for the night really is coming! 

In prayer,

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