2017: Page 158

Page 158 was a productive day even if I never made it to doing what I had planned for the day.  I started the workday with a walk-through of the building which is becoming my summer-time norm.  While I don’t expect to find anything out of the ordinary, it is better to do the daily walk-through and not find anything than to eventually discover a problem that I wished I had found earlier.  After going through the building and taking out some trash, I turned my attention to catching up on my mail and correspondence.  

My plan was to spend a good part of the day outside finishing up the weed spraying that I began yesterday.  There was still a lot of area to cover so I brought my larger sprayer from home in order to make the job take up less time.  As I finished up my morning tasks in the office, Susan went into a fairly extensive seizure so I spent some time helping her through it.  As she began the process of coming out of the seizure and letting the brain wiring reconnect, I changed up my plans so I could stay in the office with her while she rested.  Instead of working outside, I pulled up the file for the next 31-day devotional journal that I began writing last year and settled in to resume the writing process.  It has been a while since I have spent much time with this style of writing, but once I settled in with God and began the process, I soon found myself in what I call the “writing groove”.  This next book is titled, “Living Free”, and will focus each day on something the Bible says we are, or can be, free from.  Today some of the daily topics I wrote about were living free from anguish, free from burdens, and free to be content among others.  The original concept for this book comes from the instruction in James to “gaze into the perfect law of God’s Word which gives freedom.”  

I found myself writing well into the afternoon as I stayed in that “zone”, but eventually I came up for air and decided it was time to call it a day and get some lunch.  After lunch I went home and relaxed for a while before heading to the river with my family to enjoy a nice walk in the cool evening air.  Today’s photo is of a patch of daisies growing along the bank of the river.  They were beautiful to see and brought an element of brightness and joy to the riverfront.  I suppose there are some who would consider these the “he loves me, he loves me not” daisy, but I prefer to see them simply as reminders that God indeed loves me.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Plans are often best written in pencil when you allow God to direct your day.
  • It is better to pay attention to the possibility of potential problems than to miss real issues that can become big problems the longer they go unnoticed.
  • Caring for a person who has special needs isn’t a chore when it is someone you love, but it does require a great deal of patience and flexibility.
  • It is easier for me to change what I’m going to do than it is for Susan to get through a seizure.
  • People are always more important than plans.
  • God’s law is meant to give us freedom, not to enslave us.
  • If we’re using God’s Word to enslave ourselves or others, we’re using it wrong.
  • Gazing intently into the perfect law which gives freedom will accomplish its purpose only if we put into practice that which we see.
  • There is no need to pull daisy petals to determine if God loves you . . . He does! 


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