One Wish

If I had one wish
that I knew would come true.

Would I spend it on me,
or give it to you?

If I had one wish
that could ease someone’s pain.
Would I wish for more sunshine,
or maybe more rain?
If I had one wish
that could right something wrong.
Would I cast someone out,
or help them belong?
If I had one wish
that could fill someone’s cup.
Would I worry about mine,
or fill theirs right up?

If I had one wish
that I knew would come true.
I don’t have to guess
about what I would do.

Far more than a wish,
God has called me to pray.

And my heart is revealed,
in what I do say.

As I pray for my brothers
and those in great need.

Do I pray with compassion,
or words filled with greed?

My prayers have more power
than any wish could.

So I look out for others,
when I pray like I should.
© 2019 by Tom Lemler

I’m not sure if there will be more to these rhyming lines eventually, or not, but here’s what fell out of my head this afternoon.

In prayer,


2 thoughts on “One Wish

  1. Excellent meditation on the power of prayerful living! Many deride those who pray as if prayer is “not really doing anything useful”. Those who feel thus have never learned to pray and have not seen the effectiveness of prayer!

    • Thanks! I think it is easy to wish things were better for ourselves or others with no real expectation that our wishes would come true. Prayer keeps us in communication with a living God who works mightily in us, through us, and even in spite of us. 🙂

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