2018: Page 24

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • After a late night trying to get work done with inconsistent internet access, I was awake early and couldn’t sleep so I spent time with God working on next week’s prayer guide.
  • I discovered that I had been working on the prayer guide all week as the topic we settled on was the delight we ought to have as His children.
  • Choosing to live with delight requires that we first learn to delight in the Lord in all circumstances.
  • Once the prayer guide was written it was still dark, so I drove to the top of the mountain to spend time with God as the sun came up.
  • As I left town it was looking like there was a good mix of clouds and clear sky for the sunrise to look nice, about halfway up the mountain it looked very overcast at the top so it was looking like a wasted trip, by the time I made it to the top it became apparent that the overcast look was caused by a freezing fog which actually added to the beauty of the sunrise.
  • Some things are what they appear they will be, but other things are not, and some things are better — you usually won’t know for sure until you experience them.
  • My sunrise photographing ran through breakfast by the time I got back to the hotel, so the rest of the morning was spent at the prayer ministry display talking to people.
  • There was a big block of free time in the schedule for the afternoon, so I headed out in search of a waterfall hike.
  • The trail I found didn’t seem like it would be too bad as it was under three miles to the waterfall.  However, my Garmin said the hike ended up being the equivalent of climbing 165 flights of stairs by the time I made it to the falls.  At least that meant that once I rested it was all downhill back to the truck. 🙂
  • After the hike I cleaned up and headed into town for dinner where I found some good BBQ.  I had planned on doing some window shopping at all of the little shops in town, but after eating I decided to skip the walk through town.
  • The evening was more prayer ministry conversations, a worship session, and catching up with friends afterwards.  I suspect in God’s eyes each of those things were a different aspect and type of worship.
  • Today’s photo is one from the morning sunrise trip as the sun began to break through the freezing fog.

2 thoughts on “2018: Page 24

    • Absolutely! I teach a lot about developing a lifestyle of prayer and often emphasize that prayer needs to move from being an event or activity to a way of life.

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