2018: Page 23

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • Page 23 has been a long day filled with good conversations and difficult memories — perhaps an odd combination, but that has been my day.
  • The good conversations revolved around the prayer ministry and the work God continues to do through it.
  • Some of the conversations were what I would call “organic” as they simply took place as people walked by the display and wanted to know what it was about.
  • It is always fun for me to “tell the story and give God the credit” when it comes to the ministry God has given me to share.
  • Some of the conversations has “outside fertilization” as people would stop by and want to talk because they had been to a workshop where my devotional books and writings were highly recommended.
  • It is encouraging to me to know that people not only use the material they picked up in previous years, but think highly enough of it to recommend it to others.
  • I sat in on a workshop that was designed to share a story of transformation that is taking place at a camp.  It was fun to hear of the changes taking place, but it was also difficult as the problems they have been addressing represent a very hard and difficult time in my life.
  • I think sometime we get so out of step with God that we lose sight of the people we have walked over in our own pursuits.  We hit bottom and realize we have to change, but in the midst of our own hurt we lose sight of those who were wounded by our dysfunction.
  • God’s view of repentance is not only that we change, but that to the best of our ability and with His help we make things right.
  • I didn’t make it outside, but the hotel has a large bird enclosure so I was able to photograph birds today without ever leaving the building. 🙂
  • I found the main session area empty this morning while everyone was eating breakfast so I was able to pray at each seat again.
  • Our worship gathering this evening was sweet as we drew near to God through songs and prayer.
  • Today’s photo was taken from the balcony of my room which faces east while the sun was preparing to set in the west.  Even though the building blocked my view of the sunset, God extended the colors throughout the sky tonight.



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