2018: Page 25

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • The conference I was at drew to a close this morning, so I was up early doing some writing and packing up the room and the display.
  • While I wasn’t looking forward to the nine hours in the truck to get home, I was looking forward to getting home and to the huge block of quiet time with God I would have on the drive.
  • While the mountains blocked being able to see the sun at sunrise, the result of it rising was visible long before it crested the top of the mountain in front or me.
  • Sometimes we can’t see the actual work God is doing in and through us, but we should be able to see the results of that work.
  • The final conference meal was a continental breakfast which I decided was a fancy term for “without bacon”. 🙂
  • I always enjoy the conversations about prayer I get to have with people when I set up a prayer ministry display.
  • It was a beautiful day for a drive and I had plenty of time to work and rework a couple sermons in my mind.
  • Taking the interstates increases the speed of the journey, but I’m confident I missed a lot of the surrounding beauty because of it.
  • We can race through life and think we finish in first place, but what have we really gained if we went so fast we missed the most important things?
  • As much as I was tempted at times to take a detour or two in order to find things to photograph, I was more interested in getting home and kept my mind (and truck) focused in that direction.
  • Our ability to avoid the temptations which can detour us from our walk with God can be connected to the level of desire we have to reach our destination with Him.
  • I only stopped once on the way home and that was to get some lunch.
  • There is a difference between stopping to be refreshed and refueled for what lies ahead and stopping in a way that distracts us from our journey.
  • The sun was setting so beautifully as I neared home that it was difficult to keep going without stopping to take some photos but I didn’t want to add the the length of the journey so I just enjoyed the beauty as I drove.
  • As I arrived home, the sun had already set and the moon and stars were shining brightly in the sky overhead.
  • Today’s photo is the early morning view as the sun rose behind the mountain to start the day and then the moon as it lit up the night sky at the end of the day.


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