2018: Page 5

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • Starting the day with a drive across town made me thankful that my usual commute avoids much of the “city” traffic.
  • Most drivers that I saw this morning seemed to have finally come to an understanding that winter driving requires a more cautious approach than what most are used to using in the summer.
  • Even when the roads are completely covered in ice, snow, and slush, it seems there is always someone who thinks the speed limit signs represent some sort of “half-life” of the actual speed limit.
  • When dealing with a company where one service tech sends you a prepaid shipping label to send an entire computer to them for service and the next day another tech offers to send you a part that might be the problem, the company might have a communication problem.  (Especially when both service techs, along with their supervisor, were copied on the same series of emails.)
  • It was encouraging to see the written expressions of praise and prayer as I packed up the journals and art paper from the Watch & Pray vigil.
  • It seems there are many who like the idea of having rules and policy that protect . . . as long as they don’t have to live by them.
  • As we headed to a late lunch Susan had a seizure, and then another one in the evening.  They always make me consider what’s really important.
  • We made a late afternoon stop at a county park to take photos but the gray sky made the lighting a little difficult.
  • There was a small waterfall at the park that had a patch of running water at the top and a few small patches of running water visible at the bottom.  While not seen, the water was still “falling” behind the ice which covered most of the visible part of the falls.
  • Sometimes it is difficult to see the working of God’s Spirit; but you can be sure that if He’s in you, He’s still at work.
  • I loved seeing the ornamental grasses waving in the winter air.  While they may look dead, like the other unseen perennials in the garden, they are merely asleep until the time is right to grow.
  • Sometimes we need to rest until its the right time for us to grow.
  • I don’t deal with surprises well.  Doesn’t really matter if its a good surprise, bad surprise, or something in between — it messes with the internal balance I try to keep in my mind.


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