2018: Page 4

Here are some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • Six inches of powdery lake-effect snow is beautiful to look at but it still takes work to clear it from the places you don’t want it.
  • Not everything that is good is good in every place and time.  “Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial.”
  • Clearing sidewalks along a roadway is a lot more work than clearing the ones that don’t accumulate the extra slush and snow from the snowplows.
  • I’m still working at putting away the supplies and resources from the weekend’s prayer focus — it’s easier to do a little at a time and make sure it gets stored where I want it.
  • Sometimes wisdom requires that you step back and accurately evaluate your plans and goals.
  • It can be difficult to admit that the timing and/or implementation of your plans need major adjustments, but it is easier to admit that than to push forward with something that isn’t going to work because of circumstances beyond your control.
  • An eighteen degree air temperature may not sound very warm, but when you consider that is more than a thirty degree increase from the minus fifteen a couple mornings ago, it was actually rather pleasant outside.
  • The Bible says that God’s ways are higher than man’s ways so it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to realize that our ways will often need major adjustments in order to align with God’s.
  • An evening out photographing in the snow was rather refreshing.
  • As the day turned to dusk, we found a hawk that tried to stay hidden while still keeping an eye on us.


2 thoughts on “2018: Page 4

  1. The temperatures have been a challenge. Today I was going to move a big compressed gas tank but due to the snowy sidewalk It will have to wait until the snow melts or someone shovels a path!

    • It seems it doesn’t take long for the beauty of freshly fallen snow to become a nuisance and/or lose its brightness along the traffic areas or areas we need to get to. I am thankful for an office window that overlooks a snow-covered woods that is undisturbed except for the wildlife track from the critters which pass by. 🙂

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