2018: Page 6

Here are some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • Uninterrupted sleep is sometimes elusive, but great when it does happen.
  • I spent some time working on the sermon I’ll share Sunday morning at the North Wayne Mennonite Church in Dowagiac, Michigan.
  • In the process of sermon refinement, I ended up with an entirely different one that will probably be what I share tomorrow.
  • Seeking God is only as effective as a willingness to obediently listen when He leads in a different direction.
  • Found out there was a glitch in the process and my registration to have a display at the camp leaders conference didn’t go through.
  • Fortunately, I found that out today and could make it right rather than not know until I got there and didn’t have a room — I guess since it’s a camp conference, I could always have camped out.  🙂
  • The sun came out so we set out on a family adventure to photograph the winter wonderland.
  • Our first stop was to travel some roads in an area where a snowy owl had been sighted the last few days — after some careful looking, we found it perched out in a field on an irrigation rig.
  • Sometimes the more elusive something is, the more joy it brings when you can find it.
  • After some owl photos, we headed to the beach to take some lighthouse photos.  It was a beautiful day at the beach if you like ice and snow.
  • If you look for beauty you are more likely to find it than if you focus on the things you don’t like.


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