2017: Page 364

Page 364 has been a day filled with a combination of tasks, but also a day that I was able to sleep in and get some extra rest.  My morning task was running the snowblower at home to clear the driveway in preparation for whenever the next round of snow may come.  There wasn’t all that much accumulated but it is easier to remove 3 or 4 inches a couple different times than to try to do 8 or more all at once.  The wind was blowing with some pretty good force, so I had to be careful how I aimed the snowblower discharge chute if I wanted to avoid a face full of snow.

After lunch I headed into work where a variety of tasks awaited me.  A majority of the afternoon was spent doing the initial setup of prayer stations for tomorrow’s “Watch & Pray” vigil.  Even though I have done similar setups before, my process remains the same — I empty the primary areas that I plan to use and then sit with God to determine the layout and flow.  The finished product this year is similar to past years, but there are some differences that I at least know even if it seems the same to everyone else.  As part of the setup, I turned on the light behind the stained glass panel in the auditorium and then spent time with God out there refining the sermon I’ll share tomorrow morning before the prayer vigil kicks off.  There is still some fine tuning I will do to the prayer stations, and I anticipate God will continue to fine tune the sermon, but the majority of the work is done.

My next project was to fire up the snowblower and clear the walks at work.  The sky had cleared and the moon was shining brightly, so my hope is that it stays that way overnight so the walks also stay clear.  But, just like the driveway at home, even if it does snow overnight this is a layer removed that should make the task easier in the morning.  I’ve come in from the outside work and made a cup of coffee to warm myself up.  While I’m warming up, I decided to write today’s page before tackling my next task for the day of cleaning bathrooms, floors, and doors to get the building ready for tomorrow.  But even in the midst of the cleaning that will be taking place, I will be going through tomorrow’s sermon points in my mind and continuing the simmering and refining process.  Eventually I’ll head home and get some sleep for what will be a great day in the Lord tomorrow.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • As I typed today’s heading, it is hard to believe there is only one more page yet to live in this year’s story.
  • It can be a little overwhelming when I have a lot of projects in process.  It seems the best approach is to simply start one and do what I can before the next one needs my attention.
  • Taking care of tasks while they are small helps keep them from getting larger than they need to.
  • Paying attention to where the winds of the world are coming from can help you avoid being covered by the things those winds carry.
  • It is always a good idea to seek God and listen to Him, even if the direction He gives you is similar to what He’s given before.
  • Prayer can, and should, take place anywhere and everywhere.  But for me, there is still something special about creating an atmosphere that removes distractions from my time with God.
  • While the pages of this year will soon be history, there is still work that needs done as long as God gives me breath on this earth.


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  1. I helped my husband out a little by shoveling the driveway. It didn’t take me very long with only a couple inches of snow… but like you mentioned 2 inches a couple of times is much easier than 8″ all at once!

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